The Politics Bar (POST election thread)


They’re not former Prime Minister’s either. There’s only 3 still alive and, like it or not, they’re pretty authoritative primary sources on government matters.

And they’re all united in thinking Brexit is a terrible idea, notably.



What have you done, Geoff?!?!


*4 still alive


Which one is dead out of Blair. Brown, Cameron and Major? :astonished:

EDIT: Ah, I see this has been covered…


Haha fuck I left Gordon Brown out.

Even still - it’s a small number.


hes clearly more interested in sticking the knife into Corbyn than staying in the eu.
He’s fucking gutted that the left has risen


The most Europhile PM we’ve ever had speaks his mind on leaving the EU just to give Corbyn a bit of a hard time? Hmm.


Depends whether you think that in the long term inequality is bad for the economy or not.

Economists are increasingly saying that it is.


He’s too busy taking millions off despots to care about uk politics mate. Just wants his legacy kept. Can’t wait for him to be in The Hague when jezzas in charge tbh


*speaks his mind on leaving the EU and what a disaster he thinks a Corbyn-led Labour government would be.


No-one’s a fan of widening inequality, but are we now coming round to an idea that a contracting economy post-Brexit is A Good Thing for those in the lowest income deciles in the UK? Because I can’t really get my head around that.


Blair’s piped up about Corbyn about half a dozen times now and he got 40% at the GE. I think Jez is reasonably well insulated from any effects Blair thinks he may still have.


Bloody historians


The economy is going to suffer as a result of us leaving the EU regardless. Given this, the choices are a) strip back the state even further and deregulate in a desparate and probably doomed attempt to prop up the City and encourage big business to stay on our shores, or b) accept it and attempt to build a fairer society with more humble returns. In the latter’s case I believe we’d suffer in the short term but be much better off in the long run, and may even wind up in a place where we’re glad to be outside the EU. Dare to dream, right?


Sure. And Blair’s articulating c) make the case for not leaving at all.

In an ideal world - what would you like to happen?


As I say upthread - his aim is to get expelled from the party and force a split.

One thing that his interview made clear was that he obviously hadn’t read the party’s manifesto - there were a number of things that he claimed were not in there (eg automation) that were.


Worth noting, for all the shit PPE gets, I studied it and am a fucking ledge.


I disagree. But there you go.

And yes - Blair’s done this a few times now where he’s gone on about some nebulous sense of “these aren’t the policies that respond to the needs of the future” and “technological change is coming fast and we’re not responding to it” etc. etc. But a) he never qualifies tangibly what he would advance as a solution or b) Labour as you say have been making a louder stab at responding to technological change than any other party.


I still don’t think he’s fully cottoned onto why a lot of people actually voted leave. He’s consistently presented largely economic arguments for remaining in the EU, so much so that he’s described Jeremy Corbyn’s reform plans which aren’t actually that radical as far left.

He’s also suggested that he’s been privy to information about reforms the EU might be prepared to make if the UK decided to stay within the EU, which doesn’t jive with any of the information that’s come out of the negotiations so far.


From watching his interview yesterday it seems that he has, he just profoundly disagrees. He signed off yesterday saying that he thinks “being anti-immigration in the 21st century is ridiculous” or similar. I mean what would you personally rather he did? Say “I accept the settled will of the British people is to have fewer immigrants so that’s what we should have” or say “hang on, this is madness”?