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I read this book recently and the Kosovo chapter reminded me of this story. really wonder what Blair’s general legacy and the wider narrative on intervention would be if the Iraq war had never happened. (it’s not just the Guardian creating a pro-Blair narrative in the article either… him, Clinton and Dubya are legitimately extremely popular over there. hero welcomes, statues, billboards, roads named after them, etc.)


It’s like a cargo cult.


And you wonder how he developed a Messiah complex strong enough to make him massage unreliable evidence and join up with the US to start a war that’s fucked geo-politics to this day?

The guy is spot on when it comes to Brexit, and understands the issues at stake far more than anyone in the government or opposition leadership. Just a shame so many people think he’s a cunt.


that’s a great article.


you’ve probably already read this but i’ll put it here anyway since we’re vaguely on the subject. i’m a total mark for the yugoslav wars. this is also good:


Labour group urges party to do more to appeal to the English. Group says party must be as strong in celebrating English patriotism as it is in championing Scottish and Welsh issues…

Labour champion Scottish issues? Somebody should tell the Scottish electorate that placed them third, behind the Tories, at each of the last three elections up here. Labour in Scotland are a fucking shower.

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to seeing this lot squirm their way around promoting “English patriotism” while decrying the “nasty nationalism” of the SNP (now matter how internationalist it is) but championing ruddy gruddy Great British Anything (which is definitely never ever under any circumstances British Nationalism no siree).

Although… they’re not so very far away from something worthwhile. But rather than these MPs framing the issue in terms of Scotland-this, Wales-that, or NI-the-other, the root problem is closer to home.

Westminster is not fit for purpose and the UK is a democratic joke because of it.

And until Labour go all-in on setting up an English parliament to finish off the half-arsed and skewed devolution job that Blair dashed off, then they’re in an odd place, philosophically. Because Labour will never out-Yoon the Con & Unionist Party, and the Lib Dems’ supposed federalism is a lie, and the British Labour Party are seemingly inherently incapable of supporting Scottish independence.


erm, this guy might be taking things a bit far


Can’t fault the logic here:


Who is Andrew Spooner?

Like, he doesn’t seem to do anything other than get owned on twitter.


I don’t think he’s anyone notable within Labour or associated groups etc., he’s just a loud idiot.


Yeah just seems to be up for a big rumble with that Zarb-Cousin guy over nothing at all?


He makes out that he’s part of the party machine and the commentariat, and has been for years, but all I can see of him on-line is a one or two online articles from half a decade ago.


Yeah I recently went through the same thought process and exercise and reached the same conclusion, because his name kept coming up. Thought he might have been an advisor to someone or something or some comms person at Progress but nope. Seems to enjoy dishing it out but as soon as someone gives him a piece back he calls the police? Seems like a strange dude.


There’s a whole clutch of figures that seem to be in that category, but I suspect it’s only because of the particular bubble I’m in.


Yeah he’s been digging up stuff online about him, his past, his family even etc. which is really wide of the mark. I mean I think Matt Zarb-Cousin’s both a) decent and b) in need of his neck winding in atm but this Spooner chap’s agitations seem well out of order.


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Love how wound up Dan Hannan is over this


His Twitter feed reads as if it’s a parody account.


it’s incredible he’s actually a member of a mainstream party and I’m not sure about what all his amateur historical researching is about either.


Remember how upset he got when there were calls for that statue of Cecil Rhodes to be removed?