The Politics Bar (POST election thread)


clearly colonialism and xenophobia is fine, marxism not so much


Some Tweets don’t auto-preview. I’ve seen it on FB too. No idea why.


Fucking state of the replies to this


Indeed. Apart from this one



Holy fuck- I mean, ‘unapologetically themselves’ is one of the major problems with this Tory government. Just because JRM votes against same-sex marriage, supports zero-hours contracts and supported the DUP alliance unapologeticaly doesn’t make it any less justifiable. gross.


I have never changed a nappy. The nanny does it wonderfully

I had no idea the right wing was still providing reasons why certain people should not be allowed to breed.



Honestly took me a moment to work out what was wrong with that.


Forever in our hearts.


I know - she’s really not THAT bad really, is she?


‘This is the nanny that has worked for my family – in September, 52 years’

It’s proper old school gentry downtown abby shit isn’t it. God knows why he plays well with certain parts of the working/middle class electorate who claim he’s a ‘man of the people’. it’s like the lord of the manor riding out to speak to his farm workers.


Maybe it’s an authenticity thing? I dunno.


Bundled up with all her other gaffes (of which there are quite a few) it does paint a picture of her not being cut out for being in the Cabinet. Leadsom’s a funny one - her taking Osborne to task over the Libor scandal seems completely at odds with absolutely everything she’s done since.

Periodic reminder that enough Tory MPs wanted her to become leader last year that she made it through to the final 2 of the contest. Worrying stuff.


He even responds to the idea of him as leader with a profoundly regressive line. People shouldn’t have ideas above their station? Actually fuck off.


I don’t think they think he’s a man of the people I think it has more to do with him being an embodiment of a aristocratic class that for some reason is seen as authentically British.


Yeah, a bit of old school class deference.


Find it very unsettling the established media accuse Labour of playing politics when they’re rightly holding the Tories to account over their wilful disregard of the safety of poor people leading to the environment that tragedies like Grenfell become inevitable. Basically makes that attitude politically neutral, more or less tantamount to hate speech tbh.


It’s the perfect abdication of responsibility. What are toffs for if not to be in charge of stuff that people don’t want to think to about?


it seems to be similar to the whole Trump thing - he’s clearly a massive dick but he isn’t trying to hide it or sugarcoat it, therefore he is AUTHENTIC and i will vote for him to make me poor and kill me.