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the state of this Lilico article inspired by that as well

But Good Guys do bad or incompetent things and often fail. It doesn’t stop them being, when all is boiled away, the Good Guys. And in my view (and I’m confident it’s a majority view in Britain), for the considerable majority of the period since Great Britain was formed in 1707, Britain was amongst the Good Guys of history. Doubtless there were other Good Guys as well, and perhaps the British weren’t even (at least always) the Best Guys. But we were mainly the Good Guys, and the political philosophy and values we aspired to (though often failed to live up to) have come to define the core of what is today regarded as good in government and political society, and we should by and large be proud of our past not ashamed of it.


I think it’s more to do with an ingrained deference to particular authority figures. In Britain it’s towards well-spoken aristocrats like Mogg, in America it’s towards supposed self-made men and captains of industry like Trump. It comes out as ‘he’s old-school and principled’ and 'if he runs the country like he runs his business… ’ respectively. It’s a cultural issue that is impossible to escape as long as we keep telling ourselves the same old myths.


he can fuck right off too


The vast majority of Britons agree with me. Perhaps most academic historians don’t, but I’d very much mark that down as “Left-wing (and often Marxist) academics disapprove of Empire shock!”



Imagine being French ffs. Must be bewildering


Is Rees-Mogg even that popular? He seems to be the flavour of the month with right wing idiots lately but I’m not sure he’s substantially better regarded than any other leading Tories (and even if he is, you wonder if like with Boris Johnson time in the spotlight might put paid to that)


There are a lot of problems with Macron, but it does seem like all four leading candidates at the French elections this year were at best pretty rubbish and at worst fascist.


Aye it should’ve been Benoit Hamon


He reminds me of Samwell in GoT. Getting a lot of screen time atm, not because he’s particularly amazing or interesting, but because loads of more interesting characters got blown up a year ago and he somehow survived.

(No offence to Samwell, love that guy really)


Yeah I’m with you on this. Guy’s an utter wipe and I know absolutely nobody who thinks any different.


Racism and an outright refusal to come to terms with the country’s recent history is a problem right across the French political spectrum.


Vince cable CRUSHES the field of (zero) opposition to take the Lib Dem leader role by default


And in Britain a number of important key failures are widely recognised. One widely-recognised example is the 1840s famine in Ireland.

see, this is why the people who dig the empire are wicked and fucked up. the racism and superiority and deference to the rich and connected are bad enough, but they also only consider genocide a “key failure”.


Famine is bad but we all make mistakes


twas but an oversight my lad



they have a duty!


This guy can’t even spell ‘Cameron’ properly


He seems to be forgetting the polling that showed that dialling back the ConDem targeted austerity would have resulted in a Remain victory.


He seems to be forgetting who called a referendum that should have never happened in the first place just to try and appease the likes of Peter Bone