The Politics Bar (POST election thread)


At least revstu does his research and knows his subject. Deerin does neither.


Think there’ll come a time fairly soon where ‘what Corbyn says’ becomes gradually less relevant for the Labour party.* Yet to see what conference will be like, but there’s a good chance that the left will push through loads of democratic reforms that basically seal their/our control of the party. Then, more than ever, it’s the membership that makes the party, not its leaders or its MPs. Even if Corbs were to take a rightward turn on immigration (something I don’t think for one second he will do, but his rhetoric has been noticeably wavering in the wake of Brexit) then the membership will probably both want to and be able to hold him to account on that during conference/through other measures.

*not that the media will notice or care, obvs.


Yeah, I don’t feel aligned with Alex Massie overall but, fair dues, he generally puts some effort into creating coherent and consistent arguments. Even manages to throw in a bit of even-handedness when the fancy takes. Which is more than can be said for a clear majority of his contemporaries.


Jay Rayner sticks it to Gove or something

I can’t be arsed reading all of that by the way, I just read his introductory bit.


A mate of mine has been saying for a while that if/when we leave, the food supply chain is eventually going to take a catastrophic hit and prices will spiral way out of control. £5, £6 for a loaf, etc. Throw in hyperinflation, market turmoil, rising costs and disappearing wages and jobs, racial tensions, etc, and the broth is very bubbly.

He says this could lead to malnutrition, starvation, people in poor areas of UK cities rioting over lack of food, and eventually could tip us into full on uprising, even civil war. I was like, “Alright, 1990s Russian dissident.”

Then I just saw this:

The importance of food price rises around the world should not be understated. The Arab Spring of 2010 was, for a long while, described as some spontaneous uprising in pursuit of democracy. In truth it was a response to food price rises and the increasing inability of authoritarian governments in North Africa and the Middle East to subsidise those costs, which had been used as a tool to keep populations in line.

I’ve never seen this argument before. Jesus Christ, is that true?



You know how irky people get when they’re on the tube on the way home and hungry? Imagine that multiplied lots.


Yeah, it was commodity trading in western financial markets jacking up the price of staple food items that triggered the initial protests.


Oh god. We are the worst.


“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.”


YTF was this not discussed more in the referendum campaign?

(I know I know, add it to the list)


True or not, it would have just been dismissed as total project fear nonsense, and probably had a knock on effect of making the less hyperbolic sounding arguments appear less credible too.


The single market, and trade generally, was discussed during the campaign tbf and it became very apparent very quickly that those inclined to vote leave could not give a single fuck. There’s no way that discussing the greater complexities of unravelling ourselves from the EU would have changed anyone’s mind. It’s all about what you feel


This also became increasingly clear when you asked people to explain how leaving the single market would benefit the majority of working people in the EU.


some enjoyably sarcastic replies to someone on facebook claiming Corbyn is evil:

  • I heared Jeremy Cornbyns also responsible for the destruction of alderon

  • I bet in winter he swaps all the proper snow for the wrong snow.

  • I heard he shot Bambi’s mother

  • Yeah, and he was responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

  • Corbyn is Sauron, Emperor Palpatine, Judas, Hitler and Ming the Merciless, Ivan Drago and Lord Voldermort all wrapped up in one. Bad, bad hombre


Yes, a food crisis but the bigger picture is climate change. The Syrian conflict is a climate crisis. The refugee crisis the start of an endless wave of migration from South to North to escape the effects of climate change. And the EU is falling at the first hurdle. It isn’t going to get any easier


*before anyone points out, there’s obvious various causes but climate change is the elephant in the room, so to speak. In most geopolitical developments


I’m gonna citizen arrest that cracker Corbyn get ready to die.


Does everyone hate Corbyn now? I need to know so I can jump on a bandwagon accordingly


Not sure about that… but Momentum have done a new video which is doing the rounds which turns its focus on the sorts of people they think vote Conservative as opposed to the Conservative party itself.

Not sure that’s a good idea but we’ll see.


Oh deary me.