The Politics Bar (POST election thread)


Seems pretty bang on to me.


As target market’s go, DiS is a pretty captive audience for it has to be said.


Outrageous, blinkered stereotyping of upper middle class people? Absolutely


I think it’s worth it as part of a multi-pronged campaign.

Targeting non-voters and first time voters and non-Labour anti-Tory voters is as much a legitimate tactic as targeting swing voters in the middle.


You must have met people like this. We all have.


What would the converse stereotyping video (e.g. of Momentum Corybnistas) on a similar basis to this look like, though?


Pick up any copy of the Daily Mail and I’m sure you’ll find dozens of epithets to help with the casting call.


Sure. I mean Labour got 40% last month by not following the conventional wisdom of needing to attract Tory voters in order to make electoral gains. Hasn’t been proven yet that that approach can win you a decent majority but we shall see. Might be effective in attracting new voters; might not.


Peace-loving, safe-space advocating, LGBT-friendly, university-educated, politically engaged, woke vegetarians?


Not that negative.


They might be caricatures, but every single one of those fictional bellends 100% votes Conservative.


Yeah. Not sure there’s enough of those fictional bellends to return the Conservative Party to government with a higher share of the popular vote than the Labour Party mind.


Well, this is just strawman demonisation in the same way.

inb4 kicking up and kicking down are different.


They clearly should have done a video with a caption saying ‘these people have legitimate concerns’


This is obviously good. Shoring up and focusing & motivating your base = good. Meanwhile, anyone who could ever potentially be personally offended by that video will either (most likely) never see it or be a boring online dickhead that was never ever gonna vote Labour anyway.


Would also point out that the people staffing Momentum are probably the most clued up, competent and professional people working in UK politics as far as I can see. Chances are that they’re better at strategy than most dissers


I don’t feel demonised by being seen as “Peace-loving, safe-space advocating, LGBT-friendly, university-educated, politically engaged, woke vegetarian” (well, I eat meat).


Wouldn’t disagree with any of that. One of the things this recent election appears to have shown is the power of having a collective of well-organised advocates who are into producing good video content which gets shared online and gets a lot of views. Reaches parts that official party content is never going to get close to. And The Conservatives are pretty fucked on that score - every election from now on is going to contain more people getting their political content online and through peer networks rather than official channels etc.*

What’s fascinating though is even though parties benefit from it, they have absolutely no control over it or the messaging. You wouldn’t have the Leaders Office signing that off! Sooner or later you’ll have conflict between the two over it I would have thought.

*Although that said I might be right in thinking that the most viewed political video on facebook was that Jeremy Corbyn Tory scaremongering one about national security with the evil music over the top. Obviously paid for but also just shows that no matter what your reach is if your video’s unconvincing it doesn’t count for shit really.


does this go here?


From hearing him this morning, I think the gist of it is: Freedom of Movement stops in 2019, because we’ll be out of the EU, but people will still be free to move for an unspecified amount of time, because… and that’s totally different.