The Politics Bar (POST election thread)


…this didn’t help. What?


Yeah the “…” was the bit he didn’t explain.


think underpants gnomes.


needlessly antagonistic chauvanism by tories non-shock

it’s not a good idea to provoke a power that can merk any one of those carriers.

of course this is hypothetical but there are still elements of the uk gov and assorted pressure groups liberal and tory also pushing for a no-fly zone which would effectively start world war 3.

the only possible justification the government has for this DUP shit is that it’s necessary for them to cling to power, obvs. would be nice to see this blown up into a bigger issue, a little more hysteria from labour on this please.


Gosh what a surprise



the guardian really really don’t like corbyn do they. they pushed the tuition fee thing so hard it became farcical. obviously a bit of polite boosterism here but i can’t in good faith fully get behind somebody with her history who says “Ideology never put food on my table".


literally who outside of a particular demographic get up in the morning worrying what he thinks about venezuela ffs :rofl:


FFS where’s an election when you actually want one




Surely what she means by that is that “ideology” never put food on anyone’s table - what does is real, material action.


Obviously. But I fail to see how a profile of Angela Rayner is an example of it.



love to cry about corbs and venezuela when this is happening with strong and stable in charge


Bog off Guardian


The way libs and policy wonks are rewriting history about this is farcical/fucking depressing. If the story of the election was a poor Tory campaign surely the outcome would have been a depressed voter turn-out, rather than a huge one and one of the largest swings in modern history?

Over the past few years it’s become obvious Western ‘strategy advisors’ are little more than witch doctors, and they’re still selling the self-same bullshit to any outlet stupid enough to stomach it. Bare-faced desparation on both sides


can’t see this going tits up


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what was the article?


ehhh it worked for me and no way would i subscribe. turns out there’s gonna be a TORY GLASTO pal. there was a trending thing on twitter to name it. mine was DUDSTOCK :grinning:


Can these be real :joy: