The Politics Bar (POST election thread)


Wilderness festival is well fucking tarquin.

Doesn’t suprise me.

The state of this festival scene.


he smokes ha!



He’s cleverly turned that from a ‘woe is me and my privileged life’ into ‘yeah, but parking fines hit those on lower incomes hardest and are unreasonably high’.

Well, William, they’re supposed to be a deterrent aren’t they for people that park illegally or have lousy timekeeping skills. Wouldn’t be much point in capping fines at a fiver would there?


I quite like that idea actually.

1 hr £3
2 hrs £6
4 hrs £10
All Day £20

Max fine £5

I’m sure it would work well.


i read an article a while back predicting that the way the world was going, we’d end up with constant stupid fines for little things being the way to fund public spending,


Lib Dem voters not hugely ambitious it seems


God there are some stupid Labour MPs out there


the police act the way they do in these cases cos it’s happening to working class girls with no connections. the rotherham thing was totally spun from the beginning - there were local politicians and police not just ignoring but actively taking part in the abuse from the beginning and it was barely mentioned once the story broke. there’d be aru units breaking down people’s doors if it was happening to girls in chelsea.

i guess ethnic tension is an easier fire to stoke.


Just had an ex-work colleague say on Twitter that surely we’d all join a new political party if it was set up by J.K. Rowling. What is this I can’t even.


Good perspective on this here


Very much doubt she signed off on the headline - the sun probably shafted her there. The rest is simplistic (and is intended primarily to speak to her Rotherham constituents who obviously distrust pretty much all official institutions on this issue), but the reality is that it’s a really complex issue that’s difficult for the majority of people to understand. That’ll include many mps (which is fine, you shouldn’t expect every labour mp to be academically trained).

That’s not to excuse what she said though, and she’s let herself down badly.


She should never have agreed to write anything for the Sun in the first fucking place. Just can’t fathom why she’d think that was a good idea.


Yeah idk she’s normally alright. I think politics sometimes influences normal, fairly decent people to make bad decisions.



…she said, based on no evidence whatsoever.


it’s very ‘PC gone mad’ isn’t it


feel like i need to get more involved, get in the game instead of mooching on the touchline.


was a union rep for a bit but it felt like they were too willing to compromise. plus for personal reasons i don’t want to be directly involved in union stuff in my area anymore.

momentum are holding a meeting at brudenell on august 19th, maybe i should scoop by and check it out :thinking::thinking::thinking: