The Poll to top the afternoon (preference thread)


  • Hand drier
  • Paper towels

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only rainforest smashers prefer paper towels, surely?


hand driers use up all the air

(read this on the flat earther forum)


Chemtrails, but for hand driers


look at all these earth murderers basking in their damp papery anonymity up there^



at home

  • liquid soap
  • bar of soap

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  • Liquid piss
  • Bar of piss

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Depends on the air dryer, though - the ones that are like someone blowing on your hands can gtfo

  • liquid swords
  • bar of swords

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in the kitchen

  • Tea Towel for dishes, hand towel for hands
  • Tea towel for everything
  • hand towel for everything
  • Other arrangement

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Tbh I rarely use either and just leave the bogs with soggy hands (yes from where I’ve pissed on them of course ha ha)


As it’s all about preference, I see it as your preferred hand dryer up against your preferred paper towels.


i like to rub the door handles with wet hands so that the squares are all “oh shit is this piss???”


as can the ones that stop and start while you’re trying to use them


Do People still use Bars of soap?!


only me and @myyada apparently


The bf is a big fan of the ol’ coal tar soap. At whisky club it’s my number one taste/nose note. FUN fact.


@twentynine and I prefer to stick to solids, too.


Only for the top 1% these days


I use coal tar soap! On my spotty chin (that is no longer spotty, cos I use coal tar soap!!)