The Postcode Lottery

I know three people who’ve won it within a mile or so of my house - £50k, £203k, and £400k.

Still i’m convinced it’s an absolute swindle.

Does anyone bother?

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someone’s knockin at the door


Been rolling round my head for over 2yrs, that has.

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entirely invented to keep fiona phillips in employment

It’s a lottery, by definition it’s a swindle.


No idea how it works really or anyone who plays it, but they give around £3m a year to the charity my gf works for so tonnes of people must enter.

Did it for about a year at £10 a month, won £20 in that time.

Auld Ma Ruff’s won £20 on it once

scott quinnell makes me uncomfortable

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He’s a prick

I won £2500 in September on it! And have picked up a fair amount of £10s too. Only started it last January so it’s alright for me so far.

Any1 into premium bonds?

what language is the bloke talking at the end?!

Still cant believe there’s an actual ‘postcode lottery’ AND ‘health lottery’. Amazing.

Imagine you won the postcode lottery and your postcide was HE4 1TH

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Actually imagine there was a mobile number lottery

Don’t imagine that, it’s mine. I own it now.

Sounds like an absolute postcode lottery


How does it work? - Do they put all the postcodes in a big hat and pull one out?

My parents won a tenner