The posters for London Pride 2017


This is, to put it mildly, a bit misjudged


Is anyone actually going to London Pride this year?


jesus christ :grimacing:


These posters seem kinda counter productive


Oh boy…


Amazing that quite a lot of people who are professionals in the field have come together and decided that this is definitely a good and ok idea


“Roy after the success of suggesting suspicious people on the tube are generally non-white with your previous poster, we need the old magic worked on them gay folk.”

“Give me three minutes.”




(note: at least some of the posters aren’t so bad):


Given how many people must have signed this off all the way up the chain, that these could have turned out like they have is pretty staggering.


Rob’s quite a nice bloke though. Poor Rob.


there’s a whole bunch so i wonder if they got lost amidst the okay ones and someone just rubber stamped every single one.

btw is anyone getting deja vu from this whole conversation?


Deja vu?


you and i have at some point discussed… something similarly shit, and you said something about sign-off and a chain. and i said ‘they probably just signed them off all at once’

this is killing me. i can remember it clearly. nnngggg


That Pepsi advert?


pftt, london


Extremely possibly. That feels like the sort of thing we WOULD say


As a gay person, I would just like to say my eyes are vomiting.




Who actually likes parades? They’re shit.


The gays!