The Power of Suggestion


Let’s see if we can make people do stuff.

What shall we tell @Antpocalypsenow to do?


Fuck off?


mods ban @Aggpass




Bet he really wants to scratch his nose right now. Right on the tip.


epimer feels like yawning a LOT


Who works in an office?

With a kitchen and a fridge.


I am on a conference call so you are 100% correct


Xylo wants to be very conscious of his own breathing imo


aggpass is worried that he swings his arms too little/too much when he walks and can’t remember how he usually does it


You bastard I’ve got a yawn stuck now


Always in my coat pockets m9


Fuck off that’s my yawn get your own


That’s why it’s STUCK


ur stuck


Saps has just noticed that his anus feels slightly damp


Can someone go back in time and suggest I go to sleep instead of getting involved with silly threads on here? :sleeping:




As if this shit would work on my level of intellect.


Hey Lonzy, I know what you fancy doing.

Get a post-it note and write “Communal - please help yourself” on it and then go and put it on someone else’s stuff in your work fridge.