The Power of Suggestion

ur stuck

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Saps has just noticed that his anus feels slightly damp

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Can someone go back in time and suggest I go to sleep instead of getting involved with silly threads on here? :sleeping:

As if this shit would work on my level of intellect.

Hey Lonzy, I know what you fancy doing.

Get a post-it note and write “Communal - please help yourself” on it and then go and put it on someone else’s stuff in your work fridge.

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Everyone who reads this will suddenly feel compelled to like it.

how are you still awake

i can’t tell if you’re up early or late

I went to sleep eventually

Literally had to flag three of your posts today for direct personal abuse and the mods have been absolutely actionless.


Had to?

What you haven’t already got the plague vaccine? :wink:

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This week there is only me and one other guy here so I would have to put it on something of his and then start eating it.

Really classy posting from a really classy guy…

There’s a few in that thread…


That’s no good to us.

Tell someone else to do it then.

@colossalhorse wants to drink a pint of soy sauce

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Oh, so this is why I woke up with that taste in my mouth this morning.

Can’t believe not one person read this post