The Presidents of the United States of America (band)

One of their songs just came up on shuffle.

Listened to their debut album so many times know every single word like the back of my hand.

II was really good too, and some of the later ones had some great songs.

For many years I thought that Kick Out The Jams was a POTUSA song.

Almost certain that most people here despise them, but I do not count amongst those people.


Yep, 14 year old me was obsessed with that debut. Was only singing Dune Buggy the other day. Boll Weavil was another favourite in my school days and still fing myself singing
“let me tell you 'bout a friend of mine, his name’s Boll Weavil check him out…” on a regular basis


Love them. Went to their 2012 tour on my birthday and they played the first album in full, such good fun, brilliant gig. Very much enjoyed their guitarbass setup :smiley:


Got myself a brand new cymbal supplier, they’re really great, they’re sabian

Loved that first album and then I went to see them live somewhere around 2005-2010 and the place was filled with a load of drunken morons throwing themselves about and screaming for Peaches over and over again


Their second album is brilliant too, loads of hot summer jams.

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Absolutely loved them, right up to their last album, which was sadly disappointing. Went to their last 3 or 4 London shows and had many a great time.

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Loved the debut. Saw them a couple of times when it was out.

Never listened to the second album and beyond for some reason.

Did not even know Ralph McTell had a song called Streets of London. Assumed Alphabet Zoo was his magnum opus.

Also quite enjoyed PotUSA as a youngster.

Did you know the song Twig off II was originally a song by Casper & Mollusk?

i.e. Beck Hansen & Chris Ballew

I saw them in 2008 at The Astoria (RIP)

Any other DiSers there?

  • I was
  • I wasn’t
  • I can’t remember
  • I might have been

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Big fan of the debut, one of the few albums I think I could sing along to word for word. II had some good tracks as well but was not at the same level and never bothered listening after that.

This was a b-side to Mach 5 preceding the second album, much prefer this to the eventual album version of Tiki God.


First and second albums great and I continued to check out their albums to the end. If I had to pick a favorite song, I’d go Mach 5.

I loved Lump and Peaches when they came out. I never really bothered beyond that though. Great songs.

Good band aye, wonder what happened to them as they seemed to be destined for big things

A one trick pony they might have been, but there was no reason not to like them. So much fun live too.

Aye, I was just going to put a shout out for Pure Frosting, which also contained this. Love Delicatessen another excellent banger.

That debut – perfection.

Another plus is that my little boy liked them very early on, and they were a nice gateway to get him into ‘guitar bands’ (even if the constant rotation of Bug City and Froggie tested anyone else in the car’s patience to the brink).

“They send a secret message, they send it by worm”

That lyric is reason enough for me to love them, because I have always found the word “worm” inexplicably hilarious.


nah, they’re perfect as is

Yeah, loved Lump and Peaches and played the debut album a lot at the time. A bit less bothered by the second album and wasn’t sure about the Video Killed the Radio Star cover.

Would definitely go and see them again though.

one of those bands you think are a bit of a joke just because they’re having so much fun. Then you explore a bit (buy a record as it was) and you realise they are actually brilliant. Checked out after II to be honest but fond memories of that and the s/t. Chock full of bangers

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