The prices of nuts are through the roof

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They have always been expensive imo.


You should trust me on this without me having to produce any evidence.

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Harvesting them must be very labour intensive

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I think they were steep but now I think they’re sky high

Would be interested in trying to grow my own like with basil but I don’t know if possible

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i think this too, while i’m shovelling handfuls of them into my mouth carelessly.

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Where does the sky start though?

Putting the cash into cashew!!!


just remembered, i think i watched a video on this once because i was worried about this, and its actually easier than you think. the nuts are all mechanically separated in this big tumbledryer type machine, and I think they just use a lorry with a big machine on the end to strip the trees of their nuts.

My mate reckoned legumes have as well, and he has got his finger on the pulse


That’s a really good and difficult question

Iran accounts for nearly half of the world’s pistachio production.

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brazil is NOT the world’s biggest producer of brazil nuts.

And half of the moustachio production!

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I resent having to eat nuts as part of a balanced diet. Not into them at all.

Which nuts have you tried?

That’s nuts

Thinking about it. the price was probably only high cause I was in a Tesco express. Pls ignore thread title.