The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


Huge problem this. London businesses are inherently prone to diversification (to keep up with the city’s increasing rental etc), and none more so than the world of chippies.

I love good fish and chips, but as we know that’s hard to find here, even if you live on the coast. I’d say two thirds of fish and chip shops are lacklustre.

But you want to find the rare good local one, but my mind automatically rejects any fish-and-chip place where they also do kebabs, chicken burgers, or indeed any other kind of food. I don’t want fries, I want chips. I want mushy peas in a polystyrene carton.

I just can’t bring myself to believe that a chinese takeaway/fish and chip shop is going to be good at either. Jack(shit) of all trades etc. Pure fish and chips, or nothing at all.

I know this is a hot take and people are reeling. But it’s been weighing on my mind.


Place right outside Morden station called ‘Fish and Kebabs’ :grimacing:


chinese run chip shops are generally better than white british run chip shops.

  • Edit for accidental racism


ffs this is exactly it. unless they’re doing the fish in a different style in which case fine. but if it’s battered cod and kebabs it kills me.


why? how?


Never had a good fish and chips


that’s sad. :frowning: they do exist


The Golden Chippy in Greenwich is the best fish and chips I’ve eaten in London. GBOL in there as well.


I want vegetable tempura


There’s a cracking Chinese-run chippy in King’s Lynn. The mum of the family has the monopoly on serving customers and has an incredible memory. I probably only go in there once every couple of years but she’ll still ask about my daughters or something.


This, generally. Cept cods scallops in Nottingham


This is good fish and chips:

From here:


thank you for this recommendation coz i will try them out. i LOVE f&c in winter


better food, generally


yes it is. no tartare i notice


Top operation that is!


Tartare arrived soon after.




Slice of lemon is an instant disqualification.


actually you’ve totally done him there. good shout.