The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


Ah. I meant speciality as in exclusively fish’n’chips, rather than, say, a chinese takeaway or a kebab place that also does fish’n’chips.


Interesting. It’s such a tiny thing but I guess it must produce some material difference. But between all the other factors that go into the serving of the drink (temperature, age of keg, cleanliness of lines etc), I would think the effect must be miniscule.


had this for the first time in Oban recently, it was absolutely foul


still haven’t had one of these, seems to only have become a ‘thing’ since I left two years ago


My hometown had one of the best in the UK, constantly wins awards, and has ruined chips from everywhere else for me (as much as one can, I mean chips are still chips and always p good).


I fully acknowledge that my love of roasts and fish’n’chips may well be linked to fond childhood memories of both. With you on bacon though (it’s fine, but there are much better meat products for pro-meat folks to bore on about)


Same here actually! Seems very localised to Dublin. The hubbub has definitely died down about them now though.


I’m strongly of the opinion that non-crispy bacon is heavily overrated, but crispy bacon deserves it’s reputation.


Heh, yep I interpreted it as ‘high end’ first time round. My mistake but not without reason 'cos I’ve been to a couple of actual (normal) chippies in the last year or so and the chips haven’t been quite right, and was wondering why.


Your regular order in a chippy?

  • Just Chips (sad)
    • Fish
    • Sausage
    • Beans
    • Peas
    • Greyveh
    • Sausage/red Sausage
    • One of those chickens they just have sitting about
    • Bap/Butty/Barm/whatever
    • Curry Sauce
    • Pie or pasty (pls specify contents)
    • Pineapple Fritter
    • Other (don’t mind)

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:o i forgot about pineapple fritters <333



  • just chips if I’ve made pizza or chilli or something like that and we just want something to go with it
  • fish and chips usually
  • battered sausage if I’m feeling frugal


cooking & having a chippy tea is a bold, radical move ccb


Sometimes oven chips just won’t do


I wonder if there’s something in the rise in quality of oven chips and the difficulty in maintaining a Fish & Chip shop without diversifying?


not sure about that coz it’s never gonna be the same. think it’s def the rise of other cuisines + access to them via the likes of just eat


pah, have to go and piss on my chips, don’t you :frowning:


that’s what the ‘other’ box in the poll was for


With increasing rental prices in city centres AND the huge rise in online food ordering, I don’t understand why they haven’t gone under.


one of the best things about living in Cornwall is its quite hard to find a shit fish and chip shop