The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


One of the benefits of growing up in the sticks was that the chippy used to come to us (park up in the next village) before moving on to it’s next destination on a Monday. It still appears to be going and available for parties, weddings etc. Get down the Bertie Arms on Thursday for 7.30.

Was fed up of the chippy by the time I was 14 until discovering battered sausages in baps (fnar) when I started collage.


Still one of my favourite DiS jokes.


Doubtful, considering they’re utter shit.


well want some chips now


My GF has leaned over to say “tell them Olley’s Fish Experience in Herne Hill is good”. There’s a meal called Cilla Black’s Experience which has Haddock, 3 king prawns, 3 scampi and onions.

So there you go. Olley’s fish experience. Sounds like a video game.

A caveat is that it is now very expensive and was cheaper in the past


Could also be a faded seaside aquarium in Cromer.


Told this annecdote on here before but one of my favourite moments in a chippie was when a Mancunian girl I knew realised Welsh chippies don’t do meat and potato pies. Almost caused a riot.


Update: my future mother in law has said “fuck them. They were never great”




My stepdad’s garage used to be just around the corner from Olley’s (Railton Road) - I used to work there in the university holidays in the mid 90s and must have had fish and chips from there about 100 times. They were good back then. Not been back since (garage is now in Warlingham :scream:)


oven chips are great


I had fish and chips at Rick’s in Padstow during the summer. Fish was ok but massively overpriced. Chips were undercooked and not very pleasant. Think it was about £20 was fish chips and a drink.




Salt and vinegar pipes though?


This thread has made me hungry for chips.

I’m not getting chips this month.


Rick Steins? Yeah, that’s why it sucked and was overpriced. His chippies are crap. Its normally the odd old looking chippies that are best down here. Like Nemo’s in Penryn (or ‘the captain’ as we affectionately call it). Greasy, cheap looking place but the fish is bang tidy.


Now I really want chips. I always want chips.


You must have got a bad one. Pizza crunches are fucking immense but like everything sometimes you’ll get a rotten chippy selling shite ones.


Bang lasange on. Go round and get chips. Come home, lasagne ready.

I love fish and chip shop chips but not really a fan of anything they do with it, the burgers and sausages are always limp and soggy but the chips are incomparable.


Are you me?! Exactly the same for me, down to having to go to the next village along for a takeaway! I’d had Chinese a bit growing up (although too expensive to have often), but had never had pizza, Indian or kebab before I went to university. That first kebab was a life-changing experience.

We always used to go down the chippy on a Friday night and if we didn’t phone ahead then the wait was aaaaages. They used to chargrill their burgers, they were amazing. Very rarely find any chippy that’ll do that and the burgers are usually very sub-par.