The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


It seemed like a really good chippy though but it was tasteless and dry as fuck


I just clicked “wrong opinion” and it went 52-48, spooky


definitely this. nowhere in sheffield comes close to the chippies in south east essex. definitely buy into the sea distance quality correlation. only decent chippies i found up there were four lanes on leppings lane, and that one by the lescar (two steps?)


Fakenews. The quintessential pizza crunch should be moist inside and taste like victory. Nae sweat, don’t give up on the pizza crunch, the right one is out there for you.

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Mostly agree with the opinion that the idea of fish and chips is better than the reality. That’s true of all fast food, but there are degrees, and good ol’ bulldog spitfire Churchill lard cod wars no elbows on t’table fish and chips sits near the bottom.

I’ve had great fish and chips though, in Morecambe, Whitehaven and Felixstowe, and yeah, dabbing indeterminate bits of batter into mushy peas/ketchup with greasy fingers whilst watching the tide come in is good in a primal way it’s hard to completely nail down. You need specific conditions for it to make sense though and outside of them you’re better off with a garlic naan and a saag intit.


Every Aussie chippie seems to do these battered potato scallops along with battered pineapple rings. I like both with chips as a veggie.

LOL @ being in Morden



This is very true. Fish and chips always tastes better outdoors and preferably by the sea (though I had a nice fish and chips sat on a bench by Monsal Head in the Peak District in the summer). It’s also a dish for a properly empty stomach, else the portions just leave you feeling grubby and wrong.


My dad swears by Captain Cod which I think is just down the road from you. Never been a massive fan of that one.


Used to get fish and chips from a place in new Milton or Highcliffe. Was too young to remember if they were any good. Used to sit in the car and look at the landscape listening to Atlantic 252


Steak and kidney pudding or steak and kidney pie where unavailable. Pudding, chips, peas and gravy :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


My mum doesn’t argue about a lot or have many strong opinions about food, but she’s always talking about the best fish and chip shops in Cornwall. If I doubt her on any of them at all she gets annoyed and tells me I’m wrong, and I should probably be open to her suggestions cause she’s my mum and she’s just looking out for me.

in regards to the thread. I’ve not noticed fish and chip shops diversifying. 0_0


Remember when Cod on the Corner in Falmouth was called… Skag Alley’s (99% sure it was called this and if I’m not just imagining this then…) What an amazing name.


My local at the time used to do massive spring rolls. So that.


people get really passionate about shit food huh


Such a Mancunian answer.

I’d never had pie and chips from a chip shop until I lived in Manchester.


oh yeah i had kebabs before uni, the village/town with a fish and chip shop had a kebab shop, used to go there when stoned all the time when i was 17… halcyon days


Tried a new chippy round the corner the their day, he didn’t have any puddings so I said steak and kidney pie, chips, peas and gravy and he said “and peas?!” and I said yes


Really love tailend in Edinburgh and the fish and chips from the seaforth in Ullapool.

That is all I have to contribute for now.


OMG I want fish and chips so bad now. Curse you @xylo