The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


Only worth getting fish and chips if you live on the coast.
That said, fish and chips is the most underwhelming meal of all time. Not even trolling. So, so disappointing and always seems to cost basically as much as a chinese, indian, thai etc that are just a million leagues ahead.


Well that’s bollocks isn’t it. Squeeze it on if you like, bin it off if you don’t?


i’d say it’s often the most disappointing but when you get a good one it’s amazing.




exactly. if you don’t like it give it to your butler or leave it on your caviar dish



unexpected hot-button topic!


Yes, but the fact its presented as standard makes me worry what other huge mistakes that chippy is making.


lots of people posting in this thread right now


Pretty stingy on the peas


During my dark days i had the number of the chippy saved in my mobile, i’d ring from the boozer, order “the usual” (lemon chicken, half rice, half chips) so i could sneak another pint in and not have to wait. Sometimes i’d order it and bump into someone i knew, or just want more beer, so i’d end up owing Mr Jin next time i went in for food i’d not collected. Depressing.


oh crud i used to absolutely love lemon chicken at my local chinese. would be such a standard drunk purchase.


I sort of agree with you. There was a kebab shop down the road from us that also used to have a chippy counter, and you could get “chip shop” chips from it, and they were fine. But you always got the feeling that their hearts weren’t into it. The chippy counter broke (don’t ask me for specifics) and so we stopped using it.

There’s now a new-ish chippy across the park from us (sidenote: bold venture to open a new fish and chip shop in the 2010s, don’t you think?) and it’s really good. They do other things like pizza, etc but their core business is fish and chips and therefore it’s pretty good quality.

Other thoughts on chippies:

  • I think a good fish and chip meal is all about weather and location. A serviceable portion of fish and chips sat on the promenade by the beach is a thing of beauty. It’s never quite the same at home.
  • there’s a vaguely posh chippy in north Norfolk (called Eric’s, incidentally). The food is good but I’m not about the fetishisation of the northern chippy aesthetic for the Chelsea-by-the-sea set.
  • @Jeremys_Iron - I’m sure that chippy is magnificent, but fish and chips never look quite their best served on a plate.


I went to order a Chinese takeaway on Justeat last week and found out that the restaurant near my house has now diversified to the point that it does burgers, pizzas and curry. Right at the bottom of the list were the Chinese food options.


I have every faith in the judges at the National Fish and Chip Awards.


Go back to your grey fish laefs!


Lovely fish and chips from the chippy near me, but I won’t go there due to the terrible service. They were always grumpy but the last visit was the worst. There’s a sign that says to order scampi as soon as you go in, if that’s what you want. Did that, got “We don’t do scampi here mate” with a look suggesting I’d asked for kitten tails. But there’s… last time I… bye then.


If you’re gonna give it you have to take it


Been hurt too many times. Too many. Get fish and chips for the lad once in a while from down the road because the kids portion is ridiculous and cheap and I can help out, but if everyone was getting it we’re in ‘might as well get a nice take away’ territory


Pains me to say it, but I think you need to go premium to get half decent fish n’ chips nowadays. Even those mid-market chains like Kerbisher & Malt.

There must be 6 places within walking distance of my house, and all of them have diversified apart from one which is the only good one and ~15/20% more expensive. It’s also the only one that cooks to order. All of the others have had fish sitting there for an unspecified time.

The Chinese owned one is actually the worst, which is annoying as it’s right opposite the pub.