The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


if i’m ever pushed into getting a chippy where i’m concerned about the fish, i’ll default to either a battered or smoked sausage and chips just to play it safe.


Oh My Cod! in Catford is alright, though we went for a chippy there on Monday and both the fish and chips weren’t as good as the time before :confused:

But you’re right. I’d only get fish n chips from a chippy where it was the only thing they did. Though Oh My Cod does kebabs n that, it’s very clearly a chippy.


If it’s really ropey then I play safe with a hermetically sealed Pukka Pie.


solid (literally) choice.


How much are we paying for fish and chips nowadays, just for the record?

About £4.50 round here, i think…


Really love a Pukka pie.


Gotta have tartare sauce and lemon with it


£4.50 for the fish, ~£1 for chips.


local place does a fiver for a cod and chips, +50p for haddock. mushy peas a pound on top of that. so most i’d pay is 6.50 but i don’t mind cod so £6 really.


Sea Pebbles in Hatch End or Bushey Heath are fucking immense.

They have a restuarant tagged on, that’s the sign of a fairly decent chippy imo, certainly in suburbia.

Trying to think about locally… There’s three within a mile or so of me. Two are pretty passable tbf, but they do both focus on Fish & Chips solely (ha! Sole-ly. Oh, give (d)over. Time to put me in my plaice. Get (tr)out!)

The other one is a kebab / burger place as well so I’ve never tried their fish, but their burgers are immense… And they do proper chips with them too.


Fish and chips a long way from the coast

  • Never great, normally shit
  • Wrong opinion

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All fried fish tastes the same to me.

Not had one in absolutely ages, like.

Is Harry Ramsdens still a thing?


‘never great but still good’ is my qualifier here


oh another good place in London is Brockley’s Rock


Pff. Best part of a tenner I reckon.


*occasionally great, otherwise very very mediocre

but this has nothing to do with living near the coast, just fish n chips is a bit crap really, innit


Fish, chips,

  • Mushy peas
  • Normal peas
  • Curry sauce
  • Gravy
  • Tartare
  • Mayo
  • Ketchup
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Other

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i am largely the same. remember as a kid thinking it’s super cool to have plaice but these days cod’s as good as any.

harry ramsden is def still a thing - saw a tshirt the other day! - but not sure where they actually have shops any more

i forget fish and chips exists for ages but in winter i like to have one or two just to sort of get a nostalgia feeling


There are loads of chip chops around where I live, and none have diversified. The nearest one used to be great, really fresh fish and a lovely Iranian guy used to great you, and know your order without you having to say anything. Even though I only went there once a month.

But he sold up, and it really went downhill.

The other one i’ve since found is also great.

But the best fish and chip shop I’ve been to is this place. It’s a 15 minute drive, but it’s great.


I dunno. I think it’s a bit like having a pint of Guinness in Ireland. ie no different.