The psychological impact of chippies diversifying





Does anyone get something for on the way home?

I either get a sausage, or my personal favourite is a scallop on a barm.

(No barm v muffin v roll chat).


South Mimms service station.

Cannot fathom why anyone would choose Harry Ramsdens based on my only experience of it.


@roastthemonaspit i want to respect you but your murdering the polls here! Fried chicken? Have a word!


i can do a battered sausage and chips pretty happily on the walk home now i reckon coz the local place does thick paper without any/much grease so it wouldn’t get soggy.

fucking hell i am absolutely going to be doing that ASAP now


Battered sausage and a wee pot of gravy for dipping


really glad a scot didn’t make the ‘main meal options’ poll or we’d be up to our eyeballs in fried pizzas etc etc etc

  • Scraps!
  • No scraps

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bag of scraps. oh man. local place used to let us kids have them at the end of the night. gbol


They have harry Ramsdens in service stations now. Had a fried breakfast in one before Christmas.




let’s have a dis meat going to a chippy and then for a walk somewhere on the coast? and not invite certain people who presumably will order the kebab meat with mayo and lemon?


Why the angry face?


read the entire basis for the thread!



can stay at my parents isn’t it


oh shit. if you take me to blackgang chine and i can play the water guns it’s on.


Poor @Jamos


Pizza crunch from a chippy

  • Of course! Delicious!
  • I am a sad Englishman who has never experienced joy

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he is defiling our way of life.


never heard of this