The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


hahaha you mad cunts


oh my god


Day trip to frinton-on-sea.


Can’t believe you went to Glasgow and didn’t have a pizza crunch.


blame @japes


Very true. Any sense of pity I had has been extinguished.


oh my god though.

i just remembered the King Rib.


i’m genuinely in


Can’t believe you prioritised biking over important stuff.

(I bang on about pizza crunch but I’ve only had it twice in the last 15 years)


anyone who has had it more than twice in 15 years is almost definitely dead.


I find the idea of fish and chips is always better than the actual product



Interesting that there is so much disdain for battered bread but not battered fish or sausage.


if i lived in scotland i would already have absolutely had a heart attack from king ribs


it’s because you’re battering an actual meal as opposed to a ‘thing’. If you battered a cake i’d call you insane. or a sandwich. or a pizza


I’m all for triple carbs, but I’d like some protein as well pls.


Always mayonnaise, never curry sauce.



i was thinking about that killer curried ketchup you have


Battered cake :open_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::drooling_face:


oh god NO.