The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


I haven’t had fish’n’chips for ages now, but used to like it a lot, and my family used to be fishermen and run a fish&chip shop on Sheppey, so it was always a big thing growing up.

Yeah, I find that the oil and batter used in non-exclusive chippies to not be as nice as those in specialty places, but it’s hard to make that work in the current climate without going top end and locating yourself in a boden-friendly seaside town (eg Leigh-on-Sea or Southwold or somewhere).

This is the old family shop. People used to travel for miles to get to it as it had a reputation for serving the best fish’n’chips in Kent.


this is by an absolute mile my favourite fact about you now


No fisherwomen, you’ll also notice.



In the 1930s? No, there wouldn’t have been.




My mums side of the family are from Middlesbrough, whenever I go up there to visit I do love a Parmo. It’s a good job I don’t live up there, as otherwise it will probably kill me.


Different times, acceptable then. I get you.


Oh god, parmos are the worst.


i know some people from Middlesbrough and they do genuinely love it

don’t ever wanna have one as the reality could never match up to the expectation

(realistically i could end up visiting Middlesbrough as my oldest friend’s dad is from there and as such my mate supports their football team)


Isn’t it also because the best oil for frying fish and chips has beef dripping in it and vegetarians can’t have that? Might have just been misinformed on that point.


The shop was sold on when my great-grandparents died, so about 50 years ago, but when my grandparents died we found the old peeling drum and chipper in the shed.


A chippy that was also a Chinese was pretty much all you ever saw growing up in Liverpool tbh.


awesome. massive fan of family trades


Guinness subthread alert!

I think it’s gone to shite. Feels thinner and taste odd now. They’ve definitely changed something about it.


My cousin would always take me out for a Parmo and he knew where to get the better ones. But, it was normally while/after drinking lots of beer, so it may have affected my judgement.


ooh good fact. i think i already knew this to be true and then had unremembered it


As long as the burger is battered and done in the fryer it’s fine.


That’s not why fish and chip shops are struggling, but yes, the traditional recipe for oil does include dripping.


woah woah woah

since when?

i was last in ireland in Sept 2016 and it tasted pretty good then (i was sure to sample it extensively)

was here (dad’s cousin is the landlord)