The psychological impact of chippies diversifying


Check out what I would describe as the Irish equivalent!


even tho i’ve not tried one at all, there’s absolutely no way i’d eat one before i’d got to at least 6 pints




Ban request


It’s fine, it’s just really really overrated. The bacon of the sea.


we need to get a separate droonedinsoond board for these guys to talk about food


Yeah, @xylo, have you tried here? Might be your platonic ideal chippie.


So their margins are so tight that a traditional recipe containing dripping isn’t cost effective? I wouldn’t have thought there’d be that much difference cost wise but there we go.


That was the number 1 restaurant on Tripadvisor in London for awhile (it’s currently 16).

Great bunch of chips and fish tbh tbf…



That’s not a chippie, it’s a seafood restaurant.


! hooray! i’ll give em a crack thanks!


I’m totally confused.

The traditional oil isn’t used as much these days, but whether it is or not has hardly affected how popular fish’n’chips are, and how you can make a business selling just fish’n’chips work.

There are many other reasons why consumption of fish’n’chips has fallen (scarcity/cost of fish, tastes, increase in other take-aways etc), but whether the oil is veggie or not isn’t really one of them.


Or at least, the reason for the change in oil is not because it contains beef dripping - it’s because it’s easier to make up frying oil with the leftovers from preparing other types of food within the premises.


They changed the recipe in 2015 to remove the isinglass from it. I’m used to Beamish now (which I think is much nicer) but even when I went back to my hometown over Christmas it didn’t taste as good.

That pub looks absolutely miiiiiint. Here’s the spot i used work in.


They stopped using isinglass in the brewing process earlier this year. I’m sure they tested it exhaustively to make sure the new recipe was virtually indistinguishable, but maybe you’re picking up on it? It does mean it’s now vegan though.


It was a response to this re: niceness of oil used.

But I misunderstood what you meant re: specialty places (thought you meant that only places in “boden-friendly seaside towns” could make it work, which wasn’t what you were saying at all). My fault.


I think i am picking up on it. I drank Guinness from the age of fifteen until recently and definitely noted a change. Pretty weird.


fucking love a pickled onion m9s


Amazing isn’t it?