The Queen has died


…is what we’ll all be hearing when she finally pops her clogs.

What will YOU do when she goes? Will you watch the funeral or go and do something fun? Will you mourn?

Do we just get one day off work for the funeral or are we going to be given more time to grieve?

Thank you for reading my thread.


Stop it




oohhhh maaaan. You got me there ya little trickster !

not really.


FALSE ALARM, EVERYONE cos nothing appeared in my Google Alerts for Beyoncé.


We’ll know when it really happens because as with all British run websites, DiS will merely host a memorial homepage with no other content for a week.


I’m getting a weird sense of deja vu over this.

Anyway, here’s a helpful guide


If the queen was dressed in her civvies and went to your local Tesco for a pint of milk, do you think

  • She’d get hounded
  • People wouldn’t notice and think it was just an old woman

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Used to hope Morrissey would outlive the queen, not anymore


Where’s the nearest one stop to Buck Palace do you reckon?


It’ll be nice if they both go together, on the same day.


Do you think they’ve considered the potential confusion if London Bridge actually falls down?


Royal rumble, hardcore rules match.

Neville southall appears from beneath the ring and puts them both through the spanish announcers’ table


Long live the king singers


Or if they both happen on the same day and no one realises that buses are just plunging into the Thames every three minutes.


Tickets for My Fair Lady on the west end would take a hit for sure.


Well done, she’s 93

EDIT: 92, but the joke works better that way


Lizards age differently


Like I’d be saying “shit, that looks just like Quen. Bet she gets that a lot” but no way would I stop to talk to her/ask