The Queen is...

(rather boringly, I went through and checked - none of the offspring, nor the spouses died there either)

I shouldn’t have expected anything less, I suppose! :smiley:




Enjoy the pro-republican use of ‘Britain’s’ here (I mean I assume that’s what it is because he’s obviously actually Australia’s too as it stands)


have you enquired or not ffs?

You mean have I asked the Sydney Morning Herald if they are pro-Republican? I did actually Google as I’d thought they were a Murdoch paper so this position seemed surprising, but they’re owned by the Nine group (channel 9) who also own The Age which is very much a Guardian analogue here in Melbourne so I’m going to assume they have the vaguely leftist leanings which would support being pro-Republic.

Being republican isn’t necessarily a left-only position either e.g. Malcolm Turnbull being the chair of the Australian Republican Movement.

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Yeah that does make sense but it feels mainly like the greatest amount of Murdoch’s base would be pro-Royalist which is why it felt like a jarring sort of headline to see if it was one of his. Amusing though :smiley:



Noticed when I googled him that his Wikipedia page keeps updating. Seems there’s some (Brits being at it?) big back and forth first about whether or not his birth name is ‘Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark’ and then about whether or not putting his in Greek is accurate or not in the English page of Wikipedia

Essentially I assume this is what happens when a bunch of Wikipedia goons are squatting on the page hoping to the first person to update to show he’s dead. I bet they keep sorting a template for those sections they can paste in and update.

Racist Ill Prince

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He’s probably gone now eh

The most racist of project management courses


I wonder what the code for announcing London Bridge is down to authorities etc is?

‘The queen has shed her scales’


cities fornstand down


Wonder why they are doing this now


So transparent, isnt it? Like you have to be really sure that nothing you do will ever have any repercussions to pull shit like this.

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The Queen is…

…doing a PR campaign


Just read some of my earlier posts in this thread. I used to be much funnier. What happened to that guy?