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Couple of UK shows on sale for January - London Scala and Brighton Haunt

Saw them a few times a long time ago when their debut album came out. Loved them back then. I’ve lost touch with them since. Are they any good?

Saw them a few months ago in Bangkok for the second time. They’re not a particularly great live act it has to be said, but the new album is my favourite of 2016.

100% going to this! I adore each of their albums. Yet to hear the new one yet but the last few singles have been aces.

Never seen them live. Anyone know if they are any good?

Playing live isn’t one of their strengths. They tend to just recreate the songs exactly as they are on record - the drumming & most of the electronic stuff is pre-programmed & they just tend to play guitar/bass on top of that. Very little audience interaction. But last time I saw them they’d beefed up the sound a bit & had a fantastic light show, & my mate who’d seen them before & found them boring was converted into a fan. If you love their music you’ll enjoy it anyway.

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is it out already? cant find it.

21st October but it leaked a while back.
I’m hanging on. Encouraging to read it’s Thirstydog’s album of the year at the moment.

That’s a bit of shame to hear as it would have been quite cool if they extended or jammed some of the stuff. But hey I’ll be pretty happy with a cracking light show along with a awesome soundtrack. I’ve bought a ticket either way.

Yeah there were a few songs that stopped just as they really started to get going. Would love to see them do something with Occupied like New Order do with True Faith & turn it into a massive banger. But you get the impression that playing live isn’t really their thing.

Ah well, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it regardless but might drink a bit more than usual to up the fun factor…

Saw them in Shanghai this summer. Agree with Thirstydog completely.

gotcha. encouraging indeed. yeah im gonna be uncool and wait for the 21st. nothing like a bit of old school anticipation.

Exactly what I’m doing too :grinning:

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I would’ve done but the venue ran out of beer half an hour before the gig started. Kind of ironic given that the event was sponsored by Singha.

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New album is streaming:

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Just gave it my first listen and it’s an instant winner in my book.

So this is fantastic. Really dark, intense listen in patches. Angry too.

Love it. 4 albums in now and not a mis-step among 'em.

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Yep, 4 absolutely perfect albums and not many bands can say that. New one is the best yet as far as I’m concerned.

saw them ages ago & don’t remember the gig much - all I remember thinking was it wasn’t as good as the earlier stuff (indie points), but do remember that they came on well late - well after midnight/ 1 am at the fleece in Bristol due to computer problems

getting some serious Twin Peaks vibes here.

its wonderful.