The Radio Dept


Upcoming UK tour cancelled. Bah.


Was it a tour? Only date was Manchester wasn't it?. Hopefully they will rearrange for later in the year...


There was a Glasgow date as well. They did nothing to promote it, so thinking there might've been a few others about as well.


There’s a new EP - only two new songs (rest is a new version of the closing track off the last album plus some remixes) but better than nothing


Ooo looking forward to checking these out! Running Out of Love still hits hard! They were great live earlier in the year too :ok_hand:


Didn’t bother with the remixes but the new cuts are both gorgeous! Hope it doesn’t take them as long to make a follow up to Running Out of Love…



As wonderful as you’d expect from this band. Hopefully it’s means a new album is in the works and that this isn’t just a one-off single…


Does this mean they’ve left Labrador? Sad times.


If the great - shit - great - shit pattern holds up, this one should be great (i.e. guitary, and light on the 70s discoesque keys)


They’ve had a lot of clashes with Labrador in the past, some of them are mentioned here


Yeah I’ve read similar (might have been that article). Johan from Labrador’s said essentially that they are difficult to work with but ultimately they’re worth the hassle.