The real evening thread


I just made another one on the wrong board like a total tool.



I’m in Bury St Edmunds wetherspoons on my own

Here for work. Today was fine, just hoping to get away at a reasonable time tomorrow afternoon

What’s up DiS?


I’ve had a very lazy day in real life but have been very active in Siberia (Rise of the Tomb Raider) and Dunwall (Dishonoured 2.)

I’ve also updated the energy contracts for my flat.

I’m not accepting Xmas holidays are over but I’m not far away from conceding defeat.


Just read this and feeling a bit sick


Whaddup y’all. Slept weirdly last night and pulled something in my shoulder. Have to write a review but it’s hard to type.

Might watch some ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’ with my housemate to distract me from the pain while also watching Irish Twitter continue its meltdown.


dog cannot bed

how do bed

doin it wrong


S’up dudes. Going to the cinema in a bit to see Assassin’s Creed.


Mate… don’t…


Ate some linda burgers and sweet potato fries. Watching great interior design challenge. Might go to bed at 9.


I’ve just been re-formatting a thank-you letter and re-formatting a mail merge document. Neither of these are weird euphemisms.


hiya everyone

trying to decide what i want to do with my eyebrows because i’ve left them untouched for 3 months. plucked the stray hairs underneath but that’s it.

still burning up, still sound like there’s gravel in my throat. moan.


Evening all,
Hey bam just caught up on your no surprises cover from last nights thread, lovely stuff ma man :+1::grinning:

Another chilled night the night for me, gonna make a nice big stir fry, and then veg out on the sofa


can we have a vocaroo? (gws, gb)


Love getting enraged at the designers completely ignoring the homeowners saying that they hate something.


Lass with the short bleached hair literally hates these people and wants to ruin their house.


I’ve just been talking to the girl I really like (on Messenger - gonna leave it until after she’s finished stuff she’s studying for this month to see if she wants to meet up); I just watched a really good film set in old Yugoslavia, and she moved over here from Serbia at a young age. figured she’d be interested.

just wished her a happy Serbian Christmas, which she really appreciated :slight_smile:

really hope she likes me for real whenever we do meet up. she’s so cool.


BAMS cover of the day coming up soon!


She Serbian or summat ?


What, you mean you don’t want a tray of sand in your living room?!


yeah m8 think she might be