The Real Live Thursday Evening Thread

Good Evening DiS,

What’s going on in your world?

Apparently I’ve got pie for dinner :+1:

evening Rob, all :wave:

I left work at just before 5 and have travelled just 2 miles in that time due to utterly shite buses. I just want to go home :sob:

hoping we have something nice for dinner. that would be good.

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Jesus - where is this occurring?

Fingers crossed traffic gets going and you’re home soon!

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Do you think the manager has a key to a cupboard of milk shake supplies that junior staff can’t access?


Evening all!

I left the house at 7.50 and got back at 5.15. Is this what real working people do? I’m shattered and have to do the same tomorrow.

Kievs and roasties for tea.

Been ill since last Friday and I’m fed up to fuck of it by now. On the plus side being at home meant I disturbed the two masked scroats who were attempting to get into our house this morning. Went into the kitchen and I think they’d just got over the fence into the back garden. Saw me through the patio doors and they vaulted over the fence and legged it.

Nothing missing and nothing broken but, Christ, the fucking brass neck of these pricks. Broad daylight.

Just finished badminton.

Gotta leftover stew going in the microwave

Just made spaghetti alla norma. I didn’t realise until I’d finished that we had no Parmesan in the house. I had to use Double Gloucester.

Reader: Double Gloucester is not a decent replacement for Parmesan.

hello, eating some weird pasta concoction and looking up things to do in edinburgh

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Probably a quicker than average commute somewhere in London

South of Gatwick Airport - had to wait about 25 for a bus (due every 10 roughly) and due to some emergency roadworks the bus had to go all the way round the whole airport to get to the terminal. one of the roads was like a glorified country lane and took forever.

I am now on a train away from there, nearly at Clapham Junction where I get to wait for another train to actually get home. hate going to our Gatwick office so so so much.

Shit, that’s horrible. Glad that the fuckers got nothing, and that you’re okay though.


something from the GRT in the oven

either boring admin, or uncut gems after

Please describe

We had that a few years back - two kids had scaled the fence and were trying to make off with my bike. It was only because I was in the right room that I saw them. My bike now gets locked up, but there’s also gates on the parking area behind the house now too.

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London transport banter aside, that sounds like a nightmare. At least you’re moving now - even if it’s taking longer it always feels somehow better when you’re moving. It’s when you’re not that’s awful.

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Trains to Glasgow leave multiple times an hour.


oh yeah definitely - there was one bit where we crawled along at walking pace for like half an hour and it was infuriating. and on the plus side, I got to incorporate the shuttle between the terminals into my commute so that was quite fun?

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Epic and Raffles would be so proud…