The real live Thursday Thread

This is real. Accept no imitations.


Think I preferred the other one

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Morning all!

I’m on a train to work because my elbow still won’t let me drive. Only a half hour wait for my connection.

Fake thread

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My earlier work did have a certain purity of spirit but this one has less sugar and iodine.

morning all :wave:

I have to go to our stupid office near Gatwick today and only realised about 10 mins ago that I didn’t buy a ticket and just used my oyster card with my normal travelcard on it. have whacked some credit on via the TFL app, apparently pay as you go works to Gatwick now so… maybe that’ll work??

So many late daily threads this week, what’s going on with the rota?

Anyway… I need to have lunch out. I can either go for boots meal deal or the Jamaican place on the market, slight risk with the latter is that while I know it appears open at the time I want (about half eleven) I don’t know if food will actually be ready. It smells amazing though.

  • Boots misery meal
  • Risky Jamaican market food

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Got hospital appointment and hopefully making vegan haggis sausage rolls when I get home. Though R has been home early a very large proportion of his dad days recently, so fully expecting not to have the time.


Got the shits real bad. Don’t actually know how there’s anything still coming out.
Eating unrefrigerated meat that was cooked on a oil drum bbq by a bloke down a side street may have been a bad idea.

it did work! feel like a fucking genius right now for solving that.


Was talking in the pub last night about how mad it is that Kirk Douglas is still alive. Woke up to the news that Kirk Douglas was dead.

Mad that Giles Coren is still alive.


So anyway. Off to work for 11.30ish. finishing at 8.30. should be an ok day.

Morning all today is my Friday. Going to Philpotts for a pointless but, good sandwich at lunch then down the pub by half 3. Great.

Waiting for a Dr to put their finger up my bum. Have a great day everyone!

I hope he bought you a Nandos 1st


Aren’t we all.



WFH today, I’ll turn my laptop on in a mo

I’ve posted variations of this photo so many times, but this is my life presented in its raw unfiltered truth


So much work to do; so much CBA.


Terrible night’s sleep - the cat kept howling and waking me up. Might explain why I had a dream that I painted her completely white.

Anyway - working from home today so should get a great deal of life admin done

  • Wake her up every time she tries to sleep - sweet revenge!
  • Let her be, she is a stupid dumb animal and you are an adult

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