The real live Thursday Thread

I’ll give her her flea treatment instead. She’ll hate that and it’ll ruin her day. I WIN


Came 6th in the pub quiz last night, but only six points off the winners, so :man_shrugging:

I also had a phishing scam text message, then I looked in my bank and for some reason the money to pay for the flights I booked yesterday hasn’t gone through yet for some reason, then I had an email from the accommodation I booked saying they wanted to take a €200 cash holding deposit when we arrive!!! All of which is far too stressful for a thursday morning.

Ugh possible fallout from not answering emails quick enough yesterday on my rather wasteful WFH day. Fingers crossed.

Then off to buy some hot sauces, maybe a new bottle of bourbon, drink fancy beers and watch Veronica Mars at my friend’s place. I must be made of money :crazy_face:

I’m thinking Bango Mango and Fire Onion - any views from the expert @colossalhorse?


Stood in dog shit after it was finished. What a day!


Today would be my Friday if Corbyn had won the election.

Got a couple of bits to look forward to next week.

Seems a bloody long way off.

Well, with the obvious caveat that if it ain’t colossal sauce it’s probably cursed and is almost certainly made using kitten tears and the crushed bones of baby seals, those two do look pretty tasty. I haven’t tried any of their wares but mango is an all time great hot sauce ingredient and you can’t go wrong with caramelised onion. Quite like the sound of that Mustard Buffalo Tiger Sauce too.


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That was the third one I was considering so I now know I can fully trust your taste.

Also if you come up to Edinburgh anytime you need to visit Wings - got something like 60 different sauces you can get and I think you’d be right at home

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redundancies here yesterday. escaped it but feeling very sad :frowning:

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booked a holiday last night didnt we. we booked like half a week off around my bday coz gf was going to do the great north swim again so we thought we’d spend the week running up to it in the lake district, but then we were like shall we just go abroad, we havent been abroad together in like 5 years. so yeah we did that, going tuscany, going to have a look at david and the leaning tower and all that shit


Stayed home today as I have been clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth so I’m in a bunch of pain :angry: It hurts so bad.

Save it for Th… oh right, as you were.



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Good morning Keith and pals,

Walking into work just now I suddenly realised what ‘Honey’ by Robyn is about :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I sat on my glasses so now they sit at a weird angle with the bottoms squished into my face. I hope the opticians will be able to bend them back…

Anyone feeling Thursday today?

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I’ll give you no more than £349.

Sounds like my kind of place! Definitely planning on getting up to Edinburgh in the near future - I have somehow contrived never to set foot in Scotland ever. Which is frankly ludicrous.

That is madness, get it sorted!

My housemate has been evacuated out of his office due to a suspect vehicle parked outside.

East Croydon Station is also closed. Its hopefully just a badly parked car.