The Reflux is a Lonely Child

We don’t get many takeaways. Maybe three or four a year. Last night was one of those days. I absolutely gorged myself and then woke up at 4.45 refluxing like a mutha. Couple of rennies, a glass of milk, twenty minutes of uncomfortable agony on the sofa and I was able to return to bed. Problem is that last time we had a takeaway I did this too. The rest of the time I don’t get the reflux.

I am pretty sure that I won’t learn my lesson and do it next time too. Last night’s was Chinese but the previous time it was curry and it was about five times more unpleasant.

This is a general reflux thread.

I think this might have happened to me for the first time recently - I woke up during the night and it was like a bloated painful feeling above the stomach. Couldn’t get back to sleep for ages because of the discomfort. Was it reflux?

Might have been ants

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I have low level but pretty constant reflux whenever I’m stressed :hugs:

I don’t think so. The reflux burns, it BURNS! Oesophagus type zone.

Me and tone aren’t sleeping together any more.

I have chronic reflux and it is shit. I have esophagitis as it has burn a nice little spot in there. Runs in the family.

Curries get me, and pastries. My two favourite food groups :frowning:

First time I had proper heartburn I was convinced I was having a heart attack, it can be ludicrously painful.

Liquid Gaviscon is the only thing that touched it, Rennies are shite

I feel for you. I’ve only had it a few times and it is mega shit.

Yeah a proper localised session of it is fucking awful. I take it easy and if I’m going somewhere that I know I don’t have a ‘safe option’ I have a prescription for omeprazole. My ssri sets it off like a motherfucker if I don’t have them with food as well.

never had it. never had heartburn either.

not allergic to anything. never broken a bone.

i may be immortal.

How’s your hangovers?

fine this morning

Meant in general silly.

Like a lobster.

I have a weird oesophagus that’s both a) too narrow, and b) has little ridges on.

Found out a few years back when I got a piece of beef from a pub Sunday roast trapped in there. Was in hospital for three days without it shifting and missed Godspeed playing at the Troxy. The worst part was that I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva because the beef completely sealed off the oesophagus, which meant that by night two I was hitting 48 hours without proper sleep and so kept drifting off and waking up choking/drowning on my own spit. Nice. :ok_hand:

In the end they knocked it down with an endoscopy camera, but by the time that had happened some pretty grim acid damage had taken place, so I now have extremely regular acid reflux and on certain days chug rennies like they’re sweets. I also have to eat much more slowly so everyone’s always finished dinner before me.

That is my reflux story, and I thank you for your time.

All going to go at once, mate. You need to build up an immunity to things like breaking bones.

got diagnosed with GERD few years ago. Got some tablets, used them for a bit, then ran out and didnt use any more. Very rarely get it now

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It’s definitely an age thing, this
Any remotely flavoursome food (or drink) consumed late in the evening i.e. within about 2 hours of retiring to bed, results in a poor night’s sleep and the aforementioned Rennies in the wee small hours.
Had this after 3 pints of Bass and a bag of pork scratchings in the local after badminton on Friday night