The regional burrito club thread

State your interest in here and then we can decide on what it is later. (maybe eating Old El Paso kits in our gardens at exactly the same time?)


I’m happy to lead the Dutch burrito club.

I’ve not had one since I moved here though, might just be a pancake rolled up, I’ll let you know.

What’s the budget, by the way? Do we get company cards?

Yeah there will be shit loads of accessories and clobber. Currently playing Old El Paso off against Discovery.

You took too long to reply, so I got a bunch of cards printed up and bought myself a new suit.


Where should I send my expenses until the card(s) arrive?


I heard the London Club will cover all our costs.

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How flexible are we in the definition of a burrito? If I ordered nachos, would that be a problem?

No that is fine. I will probably just have a cucumber sandwich washed down with some of that Camp coffee



Are we allowed wahaca kits???

Here’s a man called Derek dancing the “paso doble” with Nicole Scherzinger:

Do you think he refers to that dance as the “ol’ Del Paso”?

I don’t watch childrens cartoons so don’t get this reference sorry

Woo! Here’s the I can make the London Club on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays guy!

Yeah but you have to use chips instead of rice.

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Its a shellac song, nob

I think he might be called Derek-Paso and he is Doble dancing. Like a Bogle.

Us or uk chips?
Or maybe edible poker?

What chips do they have in Mexico. Cheeeps*?

*not racist

Is that the one with the long repeating bass line and you think its gonna be 4/4 but then it’s not?

I do like Camp Cappuccino


@anon5266188 for tomorrow please


Charro Mex, Monday 2pm?