The Release! My new Drums and Orchestra piece is online!

Since this is my first tune as an orchestral composer I would like to have your feedback :sweat_smile:


Not going to get a chance to listen for a while but strong thread tagging

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I used softwares, but my dream is to play and record a concert with a real orchestra one day.

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Hey guys I really would like a feedback :relaxed:

This is great pietro :+1:

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Hey Pietro, I’m curious as to what your motivation is with this project. Did you compose the non-drum elements of this track too?

Thanks a lot everyone!
My goal is to compose music for drums and orchestra which is a kind of sound I feel very moved from and my dream is to be able to perform live with an orchestra my compositions. So, yes everything you listen I composed, it’s a huge work :grinning:


Loving the zooms and fades Pietro, some lovely drumming and the orchestra sounds ACE

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Thanks pinky, I didn’t expect a good comment for the video but yes I did spend some time to do those effects.
I’m glad you like the music!

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this is great!

Very epic feeling, love the complex drum fills in the middle section and how it builds to an emotional climax.

Lovely stuff Pietro :slight_smile:

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I’m very happy to see you appreciate these details because there is a lot of work behind!
I will post a new tune every month, the next one has a very special rhythmic superimposition


awesome, I’ll look forward to it!

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