The return of Drowned in Sound

Hi all

It’s Blue Monday and it felt like a good time to share some news about the future of DiS

I’ve just shared it as a Twitter thread if you’d like to have a read and maybe give it a share to help it cut through

Will be recording a podcast in a bit if you have any questions about it that you’d like me to answer?

The forums will remain how they are for the foreseeable future - in case you missed the chatter about it, our hosts have made some changes and I’m currently figuring out what we’ll do in the long term to ensure the £600+ a month costs are sustainable. I have lots of ideas and in a way the conversations I’m having with brands about the new audio publication may bring in the funds.

Alongside the label and podcast I’m going to experiment with this new platform that lots of activists, creators, and small businesses are using if you fancy giving it a try and offering some feedback (using it for internet comms for label and really loving how it’s more like WhatsApp than Discord - and some channels are more forum like) Join Drowned in Sound on Geneva!

Anyway it’s an exciting day for me but I’m sure there will be queries and concerns… and maybe some bright ideas I’ve not through of



Best of luck with it all Sean x


Just kidding - hope it all goes well!


Should probably add, this is currently totally self funded so everything remains fully independent.


Didn’t receive the code for signing up to Geneva. Not sure if that’s unusual or Geneva convention.


Got it now

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lovely stuff. is the label going to be a subscription?

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Best of luck with it Sean, sounds great.

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Awesome, and happy to see the Pink Return. Long live the Pink.


Great news, I liked the podcast a lot in its last incarnation :slightly_smiling_face:

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What form is the Singles Club going to take, @sean? Is it a newsletter/digital release, or are you intending to press up 7"s or CD singles or tapes?

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I’m looking into the Bandcamp subscription - just need to check it all works ok with my distributor and thinking what I could offer subscribers as extras.

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Thank you. We never quite found a format that worked and having spent the last 6 months working on The Trawl whilst spending the last few years working on BBC Sounds projects and inhaling every pod, I feel like what I’m planning now makes more sense as a feed to follow. I’ve kept some of the archive episodes up for now.

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I’ll go into this a bit more in coming weeks but at the moment it’ll be digital only with a physical compilation release. I’m really keen to release on the most environmentally friendly formats and investigating different options for this.


perfect! i subscribe to specialist subject records, they do physical and digital subscriptions at different prices, but both you receive all their releases each month. i know other labels do the same thing but i dont remember seeing anywhere else do a digital subscription. it does keep it affordable and accessible though, i think its only like a fiver a month as opposed to however much it is for receiving vinyl or whatever. dont think you need to have any extras tbh, obvs nice to have though

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best of luck with it!!!

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go get 'em Sean! Good luck.

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When I first started plotting this last summer, we were in a very different economy. I know with people cancelling big purchases there are people giving themselves a few treats and supporting the music they love.

Lots to think about but thank you for this thoughtful reply.


Popped out an email, for anyone who isn’t already on the list you can find it here

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Popped out a pod to explain a bit about where my head is at for the podcast

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