The return of “indie sleaze”

Whatever next?!

Indie Sleeze
  • A term I have been familiar with for a long time
  • A term I have become familiar with in the last week
  • A term I have never heard before

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Had absolutely no idea what it was until I caught up with that LCD thread. Still don’t know what it is actually

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Is it the DiS equivalent of Tory Sleaze?

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is it just people looking cool (or “cool”) while not washing as much as they maybe should?

I hadn’t heard the term before either. Mentioned this to the writer on Twitter and wondered if it was something that skewed to female fashion press at the time?

Why shower when someone can throw warm Red Stripe all over you?


As in the landfill thread if ‘‘indie sleaze’’ is just another name for unchecked male ego, then no, it won’t return (and good riddance). If it means people start wearing topshop ties again and going on about Camden, then maybe and I’ll hate it.


Have read/heard this term more times (approx. 10000) in the last week than I ever did at the time (0).


Guess it’s a handy shortcut to describe a scene that never really had a name. That early 00s indie-rock thing was a huge part of British youth culture at the time.

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It’s only the revival of the look that has been badged with the name, really.

Summary of other articles, here:

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I’ve been following the instagram account for months but, as a term last Tuesday. It’s worth looking at the instagram account because the period and what it was about is quite specific which I think is about to get bent by the media. I’d say it’s almost more the nu-rave, Justice, Ed Banger, Kitsune Maison period than when the Strokes, the Libertines came up.

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Might be finally time for The Towers of London HGATR? thread


absolutely nobody used the term indie sleaze until people decided there is a revival of indie sleaze


Is this a London thing? This feels like a London thing.


Middle aged columnists love declaring Gen Z are bringing something back, when really they’ve just seen a few social media posts.


Genuinely think nu rave and cross era justice should come back


I think how it works is the clothes came back in then fashion editors decided it needed a handy identifier. The music already had one (landfill) but that couldn’t really apply to what people were wearing


So long as it’s Justice & Simian Mobile Disco at Jilly’s again why not.

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