The return of Staind

These barbed lyrics delivered with a rush of blood are what Lewis was known for in Staind; his songs swirled up the sludge of his psyche and revealed it to fans. Lewis is far more tormented in his songs than he is in real life; by the time “Outside” was released, he was married and well past his darkest times.

Can’t believe he would do this to us.

Staind, a band so bland they had an album called 14 shades of grey.

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A not insignificant period of time certainly has elapsed since we heard from these fellas

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Of course there’s background fire involved…

'68 are supporting them and Korn on tour in USA

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Is Scogin reliving some nu-metal fantasy or something? What’s next? Disturbed and Drowning Pool?

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there’s a new korn now

why did i even come in this thread?



I let the fact that @anon42112221 started it lull me into a false sense of its worth to me :smiley:

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i see myself as the nu metal historian of the boards


yeah, i’m keeping an eye on him from here on in

(as an aside, i always feel like from “here on in” should be one word “hereonin” but then it looks very weird so i guess it isn’t. Not going to google or owt)

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Is it not hereon in?

oh my word. You’ve answered a question about it being one or three words by suggesting it is two :exploding_head:

I’m not sure, but i quite like it. Is hereon a word? From hereon in i may use it…

hmmnn, not sure actually

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Tempted to update the thread’s title to “The return of Stained: Grammar Chat”

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Whatever it is it’s better than Staind :smiley:

(I’ve actually got to physically go to a work building in a minute so procrastinating here!)

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And we thank you for it.

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Cause you didn’t want to be on the outside looking in?

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Sorry but what joke? I don’t get it.