The Return of the Evening Thread

Hello. What are we all doing this Friday late time? And what did you do in the early time?

I went to ikea. I am tired. Got some ex-display bargains though. But that is why I am tired because of lugging them home, swings and roundabouts, eh.

Pizza soon. Get R to bed. Maybe watch WORLD CUP or just go to bed.


Oooft! Ikea would take it out of anyone! WORLD CUP

I came home from work and my GF was making G&Ts and singing along to All Saints so my evening’s off to a flier.


gonna have to drink again after reading the climate change thread, would exercise caution and ask yourself if you are in a good place to handle bad news before reading it

Evening FL - waiting on a plane and sat next to two welsh couples in their 60s who have just come out with every hot political take you can imagine. Going to get them to sign up for dis accounts. Just want to get home to be honest.


Hello my loves,
Had another shit day after a succession of shit days. Won’t moan about it cause it’s all under control I think, and all I ever seem to do is moan on here now and you lot don’t need that.
Did make me laugh that I bumped in to an old friend this morning who said “alright mate, you look well!” and then bumped into him again an hour ago and he went “hello again, you look like shit!” to which I laughed and did the finger guns at him.
Also want to say FL that your hair is looking amazing! (From the selfie thread, promise I’m not just watching you or anything)
Wine, anyone?

Seeing Emmy The Great at The Union Chapel. I might sneak in my own Tunnock’s bar.

Look out. The atheist is coming and he’s bringing confectionery!!


Which All Saints song?


Shit day at work. Started okay, then ended with a genuine “what the fuck am I even doing here” moment.

Watching the final episode of GOT tonight, and from what I’ve heard that isn’t going to raise the mood at all…

‘Never Ever’! We’re on to Salt And Pepa now!

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Never Ever is their best song. Love that song.

Push It?

feeling a bit vainglorious tonight,

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shoopy shoopy shoopy-doop

My god yes!


Coming right up, weebs my love
I’ll even pop in some frozen grapes and strawbs, to be fancy


Evening FL, all,

Having a mercifully quiet night in front of a horror movie here. Then up to the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition at the Natural History Museum in the morning.

Want wine.

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Gonna have this in my head whenever @Scott_Chegg posts now


Currently watching I Am Mother on Netflix. Pretty good so far. Worth checking out.

About 20 mins out from arriving at the stag. Am now in the pretty, rainy heart of Somerset


Heading into town for teeth of the sea. Hungry and thirsty for beer.