The return of the Friday Review!


Let’s do a Friday Review again maybe?

A number 1-10 poll to take an average score of your personal performance for the week alongside your nominations for thread, post and user of the week.


The performance of @Antpocalypsenow has been:

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My thread of the week is:

My post of the week is:

My user of the week is: @Ruffers


I feel like I’ve been really off-form this week. Maybe I need to sit out for for a couple of weeks to get some fresh ideas.

Post of the week:

Thread of the week:

User of the week: Gonna go with @Jeremys_Iron


though I may have felt my comments justified at the time I think I’ve upset some people here this week so I’ve done badly really I’d give myself a 2 or maybe 3/10 if I’m being generous.

Really pleased for @bodyinthethames so he gets my nomination for user of the week.


Straight 10’s across the board, as ever. All Great threads, great posting and beyond reproach. YOU’RE WELCOME

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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  • 7
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top poster = @meowington


Need to remind everybody to include the polls please


totally misread your thread sorry!


I’m not doing a poll though I want to believe it’s a 3 and that’s that


Please never apologise to me about anything


Does that apply to all of us?




Okay. Sorry for any apologies in the past Ant.


Oh that’s fine not a prob… Hey… Wait a minute!



I think i’ve been on good form this week. Considering its my first full week back at work since mid December :o


It doesn’t really seem like there is as much of an appetite for tongue-in-cheek, office style performance reviews for the community as I might have imagined.


giving anyone who is looking for a rating of themselves a 1


I’ll give you one as well mate :kissing_heart:




Felt like old times scoring you a 1 again.