The return of the Friday Review!

Scrap the polls please, it’s another popularity contest.

I’d give myself 5…still largely anonymous on the social board but working out all the monthly spotify plays of potential (and past) End of the Road headliners kept me busy. Also picked the IDM/Ambient listening club album of the week.

Hope it goes without saying that this whole endeavour is entirely tongue-in-cheek and I’m not actually looking for people to score me out of ten.

Don’t doubt your intentions are innocent :slight_smile: but things inevitably go down the popularity route

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you seem like a good lad wonton gonna give you an 8

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Thanks for the nom Bam but I didn’t exactly do anything for the community so someone else likely deserves the praise

good music and good people benefiting from it is a net positive for everyone!


I’ll take that

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just remembered a thread i was going to make today! would have been a cracking one as well.

late entry for post of the week

Hey, that was already finalised, dickhead.