the return to the office thread

i’m not back here full time, which i recognise is really really lucky, but when i go back in i notice that things are returning back to the way that they were before the Panny D.

namely, folk are back wearing the clothes that they wore before; work attire, or what ever


  • i used to wear what ever
  • i used to wear business attire
  • a middle option between the two

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  • i wear the same as before
  • it’s more relaxed, but still not super casual
  • it’s gone to casual no one really minds now

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Office is generally smart casual, on the smarter side for men, but if I turned up in jeans, t-shirt and trainers occasionally I don’t think anyone would blink.

Dream is to go to the office in trackies of course.

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I’ve not really been in an office in the UK for ages and our company has made most people home workers now but it was suit trousers, shirt and tie minimum and I have no reason to imagine they’ve changed their views.

I’m not really sure why they would, though? Yeah, wearing suits is fairly shit but it’s part and parcel of a lot of jobs and the reason is about giving into how people are expected to present face to face isn’t it?

Came in today and this greeted me. Doesn’t look safe.

And I’m wearing tracky bottoms

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Can @japes photoshop it to be @iamwiggy holding it as a lightsabre?

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The manager of one team has told them to dress smarter as they’re ‘leaders’ or something (they’re really not) Which is BS because we definitely don’t have a dress code and arent customer facing 99% of the time. If my manager told me to do this I’d probably go the other way and dress less smart. Hate the idea that these people (mostly white middle class men tbh) are the arbiters of what classes as ‘smart’. And try to do it by putting little bits of pressure on people rather than as a proper policy as they know they wouldn’t be able to do that.

Also got told off for wearing shorts when it was like 30 degrees outside so have a bee in my bonnet about this.


Wearing a pair of trousers with a split seam in the crotch. Can’t replace them as they’re rolling out a new uniform. I don’t work in an office.

i completely agree with this. fuck “smart” as a concept, if the clothes are not offensive who fucking cares man, who fucking CARES

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I dress about the same into the office (fancy :princess: ) i just only go into the office once a week. I am way scruffier when WFH (especially when it’s 0 degrees outside and my main thought is trying to wait until late afternoon to turn on the heating)

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Have to go into an office for the first time in 2.5 years on Thursday. Livid.

this i agree with. i feel fancy in my hat, jeans and cool jumper. fancy and cute. that’s the main thing, i think. comfortable, as you please.

the idea that i don’t feel compfortable in the office with my nails painted and earing a pair of football shorts because of the word “smart” is a load of pressurised crap.

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Official dress code is now “provincial nightclub in the 1990s”: jeans are allowed as long as they don’t have any holes, shirts must have a collar and no trainers.

No one sticks to the dress code though, including my boss who often wears jeans, trainers and a white t-shirt.


We have a lot of Zoom/Teams calls with clients, so dress code is smart-casual above the waist, whatever the fuck you want below the waist.


I’m not back in yet but it’s coming soon. Gonna switch from trousers/shoes to jeans/trainers. I can’t imagine anyone being fussed so long as they’re not too scruffy. I don’t think they’re bringing us in full time and I can’t be arsed buying a bunch of new work trou to accommodate the extra lockdown weight I’m struggling to shift.

Worked in an office where it was relatively chilled dress code anyway, and on the days where I’m back in now there’s so few people about that I make even less effort than before tbh.

Never had a formal dress code but people would generally dress office smart Mon-Thurs and then more casual Friday. Ties always optional unless you’re meeting someone very senior/important.

I’ve been going in one day a week (to our regional office here, where nobody I work with / report to is based), have mostly been wearing shirts when going in but also I can’t find most of my work stuff, so I’ve been wearing my regular trousers and some fake DMs. I quite like wearing a shirt tbh, it’s not something I would ever do otherwise. Just wear a jumper over and not a jacket. Never ever wear a tie. Fuck ties.

used to wear jeans and a tshirt

now I alternate between jeans and tracky bottoms depending on my mood

not been back yet

You needed a depends on what I’m in for option.

I’d its just team collaboration stuff, it’s casual wear. If it’s meetings with external people etc. then it’s suit and tie again.

i like ties. or at least i convinced my self that i liked ties


I like ties (don’t have to wear them for work), but they really are fucking weird when you think about it. “You’re not smart unless you tie a piece of flapping material around your neck and let it hang down your torso”.