The rich tapestry of life



I liked the toffee ones. It’s up to history to judge this though.


I’m with Matty here, not really for the position, just like his style.


So, there are still two types of toffee left (toffee finger and toffee penny)?

Quality Street is definitely the most Brexity of the four major chocolate boxes.


i searched google images for ‘wonky face’ and this image came up and i nearly spat out my tea



How do people even notice. Quality Street/Roses/Celebrations etc are things you get like once a year.


Why did you google image search ‘wonky face’?


Absolutely bang on.

Fucking ridiculous the amount of toffees they have in there.


was looking for an apt reply to this


You having a laugh?

The toffees are literally the only decent thing in a box of so called “Quality” Street.


Let’s sort this once and for all

  • Roses
  • Heroes
  • Celebrations
  • Quality Street

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File “Wake up group of people” under “Phrases used exclusively by total bellends”


Yup. The toffees and that purple mutha



  • Strawberry Creme
  • Orange Creme
  • Purple One
  • Green Triangle
  • Toffee Coin
  • Thin Chocolate Toffee One
  • Vanilla Fudge
  • Chocolate Block
  • Coconut One
  • Orange Crunch
  • Caramel One
  • That Other One I Can’t Remember

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Literally no need for Roses or Quality Street in modern Britain. Stop manufacturing them both.


but we still need a Hero?


Of course I meant discretion but my phone and Dis have a discrepancy, so I couldn’t edit it. And I’ve tried to post this reply five times.


Alright, Doubting Bonnie Tyler


Some of us are quite old and have celebrated quite a few Christmasses. Bleak, I know.