The Ringer acquired by Spotify

Know there are a few on here that like The Ringer’s articles and podcasts. Pretty massive news really, I hope they don’t lose the staff and talent that make them great and putting them behind a paywall doesn’t have a negative impact.

Good effort by the staff to get the union off the ground

never heard of it. just tried to go on to have a look and it doesn’t seem to let you look at anything without accepting advertising trackers, so no thanks.

Great Eminem song released in the last 5 years.

Yes, I said it.

Can someone please explain to me what The Ringer is?


I read the Ringer every day, mainly for film and US sports articles. It is good, I’ll be annoyed if it goes behind a paywall.


bit of the phone that makes a noise


:meat_on_bone: :bread:

I can give you a two hour workshop on it for 35 euros.

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bone bread

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:laughing: I would love it if this became a DiSism

Nice one ma0sm, you just killed it

was watching the union’s tweets about this the past couple of weeks… really hope they keep the staff on, seems like they plan to. also do spotify currently paywall any podcasts? didn’t think they do, i remember that the ringer made $14m in ad revenue from podcasts alone in 2018 (might have said that on here before) so I assume they’re just buying the whole product for that.

anyway i love the ringer, best podcast network there is, long may it continue.

They already own Gimlet Media, and I’ve not noticed any changes to any of their podcasts since the acquisition.

Was anyone else a fan of Grantland before The Ringer even started? I used to go there all the time for NBA and pods but have dropped way off of that in the last couple of years. Still enjoy their film articles and some pop political stuff though, good bunch of content creators

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Yes was a big grantland fan

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I meant the fact that typically people pay for Spotify. I dunno how the podcasts work if you have a free subscription

Do Andy and Chris still do their TV pod? Was so into that but then I think I feel out of sync with what was airing live, so I had to skip half of episodes to avoid spoilers … vicious cyce

Yep still going.

Ah fair, no idea actually, good point

I read Grantland before the Ringer. Bill Barnwell was the best thing about it, there’s still no-one better to read for the NFL.

Yes they do although Andy hasn’t been as involved because of his Briarpatch. Even if you can commit, it’s worth checking in for their discussions about major shows and films. Really agreed with them about 1917 and the new Star Wars film etc.