The Road, Pt. 1

So, something of a return to form for UNKLE … out today. Includes collaborations with Mark Lanegan, Keaton Henson and many others. A winner, IMHO, if you like James Lavelle/UNKLE-y type things.

A good start to the day - and now, off to listen to a bit of Ghostpoet …

Start to the day?

Where are you, somewhere crazy like Australia?

Somewhere much crazier (these days). Hong Kong …

And what, pray tell, are you doing up at this ungodly hour?

Can’t sleep

This is very good.

I’ve not really been overly arsed with anything since Psyence Fiction (because I love the DJ Shadow drums), but I like this new one a lot.

Same same @Mistersteve; not found anything to rival Psyence Fiction in the UNKLE catalogue since. But - with a few more spins - this one just might …