The Road To Artistic Maturation

Hello Drowned in sound music community, I just wanted to share my latest visual for my upcoming project “21 Days To Glory”. Its part 2 of the promo trailer. But the other thing I wanted to do was share the most amazing thing. The whole time I have been working on this project I never stopped to think about the growth I have gone thru. But yesterday it finally hit me that the road to becoming an artist is long, hard and sometimes not rewarding. This realization can become disheartening, but I am ok with the grind and dedication it takes. That is something I would’ve never said before, a sign of honesty. In a world of quick results building an artist brand is still one of those things that does not happen over night. And today I can say I wouldn’t want this road to be any different. Appreciating the growth and struggle the moments of glory and failure. Appreciation for the learning process, the mark of maturity.

So in your free time check out the video and chime in if you like. as always peace and one L young world. 21 Days To Glory Promo #2