The role playing thread: golf

Course: the mound, london
You have: a putter, wood and iron club. The numbers have faded
The weather: gusty with a dash of rain
The t is situated at the bottom of the mound with the hole furthest corner away to the right surrounded by shrubs and ornaments.

Balance: £34.50

Par is 4

Good luck

Heckle caddy



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Issued with a fine: fine is 44.50

Game over

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You have concussed a legendary level 18 black cab

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Fucks sake Xylo!


Drop wood

Caddy picks up wood

Stroke caddy face

Youve been issued a fine. Fine is 13.50

Balance remaining 21.00

Putt ball into hole.

The ball rolls speedily and hits the base of the mound. The ball stays still


I’d like to donate my £34.50 to charity, please

You have unlocked the diamond encrusted caddy bag. Equip now?

34.50 donated to @xylo

Game over

Equip diamond encrusted caddy bag

do i still have my axe?

Youve been carted off to scotland to play real golf.

Level up

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