The (rolling) Fall thread

Lot of Gilliam looking dour, nice to see she can crinkle her forehead now though

One hot murderer looking like he might just escape after major surgery to kill the nurse who looks exactly like his typical victim.

No idea what was going on in the last few minutes - I may have fallen asleep.

Slow pace, lot of Casualty action, some really bad mopping - why can’t people mop efficiently on TV?

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…ah. As you were.


which disers are heading for a fall?

I’ve slept a few times since but i think i can remember the second series being quite dissppointing. Dornan’s great, though. It’s a pretty uncomfortable watch at times.

hang on this is series 3? i’m sure I’ve only seen 1 series but, the hot guy died at the end of the last series right? or have i missed one in between?

so have they just got a new conveniently similar serial killer in the same town just after the last one finished his run then?

Series 2 ended with him getting shot or stabbed. Wikipedia says he’s not dead…unless he’s in the new series solely in flashbacks, idk. Not seen S03E01 yet. He pretty much makes the show, though, so i’d be surprised if they carried on without him.

Hot guy got shot. He’s still alive after a lot of surgery etc. Now in ICU so gillian can look at him through the window and the nurse can ignore all her nursing instincts when she sees him open his eyes and shut then again

oh right maybe i watched both series back to back and just remember them as one. same plot arch through 1 and 2?

Pretty much. Think he was on the run in the second series, though.

Sounds like the young Irish girl’s returning as well. She played a good part.

She was in it last night being moody…

was pretty good last night i thought - a pretty clever way to gently recap on what had happened up to that point without being over laboured - loved how slow it was and the really long detailed operating scenes

how long is this series? i’m really not sure what there is to do with it from here on in, which i think is quite exciting as it might have to pivot quite drastically to open some different narrative threads.

One question - shouldn’t Spector have a police office in his ward the whole time?

who shot him though? can’t remember and they didn’t seem to cover it…

part of specters job is to counselling domestically abused women i think? and some dodgy domestic abuser gets all shirty and jealous with him ( maybe thinks they are having an affair or something, can’t quite remember, deffo doesn’t liek him sticking his oar in tho) tracks him down and shoots him up - i don’t think it’s got anything to do witht the murders or anythng (i don’t think- can’t quite remember)

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So I don’t normally have the commitment for watching these types of series, but I do have an awful lot of time for gazing at Jamie Dornan’s face. Will it be worth my while to watch this (the series I mean, not his face, that’s a given)?

have you watched the previous two? One was v good, 2 was good if not slightly ridiculous in terms of police incompetence and general reallys??? this looks to be going in a similar vein…enjoyable enough though…

No, I’d be starting from scratch. Will see if I can find the first series and will give it a go.

yeah i wouldn’t go straight into this - Dornan is very good in it - nice attractive / repulsive thing going on

Did anyone else find the opening hospital scenes absolutely fascinating? Thought the fella leading it was really intense and it all felt super detailed. Went and made a brew when they started pulling yer man Dornan’s insides out, like…