The (rolling) Fall thread

Anyone watch Ep2? Lot of hunky post op murderer.

Ridiculous things:
They would not be on the same ward
Rose would not be able to discharge herself, if you’re in ICU you’re nearly dead right?
Who can be the poutiest business woman in that interview

The stick together we’re powerful women in a man’s world! chat
Can you get memory loss from a gunshot? Is he faking?
That girl piercing her nose with barely a grimace, and not struggling to get the ring through…magic!

i’m struggling to maintain interest to be honest - which is a pity as there is a lot about it that i like, but christ it’s slow moving at the moment and despite all the moodiness it’s totally lacking in any kind of tension, still have no idea what it’s leading to, just can’t see where it’s going

might give up on it

You’d hope not but i’m sure stuff like that happens on very rare occasions due to incompetence. Not exactly the same, but it happened to someone i know in a waiting room at a court just before they were going to give evidence about a serious assault.

i’m way behind with this and seeing as its filmed where i live i feel a duty to watch it. gonna have to catch up.

Only ever one ICU ward, surely, but she should’ve been moved out once she was that awake and mobile!

Technically I think you can walk out of any hospital ward you like if you can physically do it and next of kin haven’t done something to hold you (or you’re under arrest obv)

It’s so slow. This 2006 shit is going to get old. They better not say it’s 2016 though. The show time elapsed is only a few weeks since it aired first

Gillian Anderson is incredibly annoying in this. So fucking breathy and middle distance starey

Oh fuck off is she killing them all :frowning:

Nah, just a dramatic end innit…she needed to have driven into the sea.

That nurse does a lot of hours huh?

Hmm, I took it that she might be parking where the tide came in and was about to take a load of pills herself?
Yeah, timscales and the like are a bit dubious here. Spector has ONE nurse who’s the only one who looks after him? WTAF?

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Called it

SPOILERZ, Teho, ffs!

I think they said summat about he can’t remember the last 8 years, so it’s still 2014 I guess.

Feel like Scully’s acting quite out of character this season, getting upset at how her from Hollyoaks is treated even tho she tries to drown her kids and what have you. Feels like she was much more emotionally detached previously, which was all cool and mysterious and stuff, but now she’s getting more involved. Maybe coz he’s got under her skin tho I guess. Still good tho. He’s defo faking the memory loss. Oh what about that note he dropped as well? Why didn’t she take it as evidence as soon as she clocked it? Daft.

Just assumed no one would come in here until after they’d watched the ep that red on Thurs, sorry.

Enjoyed how a mass murderer could just wander round the hospital with no cuffs or police escort so he could see his forgotten son. Definitely faking. Hope the psych doctor gets him…two episodes next week!

guys… pretty sure this is now proper shit, going to watch to the end tho

he is going to die somehow isn’t he? - that’s the only way i can see it getting wrapped up at all - so this whoel series is (~ i think ) going to amount to pretty much nothing happening at all

I guess no one gives a shit about this show?

But I can tell you, I properly loved those last two episodes. Really made up for how uneven the rest of this series was.

I mean obviously it’s completely given up with any pretence at realism but there you go.

Also, I had never heard the Man of Double Deed before and I can’t find anything to even say how old it’s estimated to be.

The whole series was a bit weak. Last two episode were ok, liked the bit when Spector lost it, but the plot, dialogue and characters were quite clunky throughout the whole thing.

enjoyed the whole series to be honest, despite the fact it started ridiculous and got more and more ridiculous as it went on. so many holes to pick in the finale but it was just a bit of fun

Beyond ridiculous. But a lot of fun.

Spector hilarious, as is the security at that unit

Nice bit of burger munching by Gillian too

u wot m8

i enjoyed it a lot. yeah it was patchier than previous seasons but that last episode was so violent